Monday 2 September 2019

A Month Goes By

I know how long it's been since my last post and I am not to going to apologize for the lack thereof I had too much fun. Family comes first and I want to spend as much time enjoying my family as possible. Life is too short not to.
That's not to say I didn't touch my sewing machine just the opposite is true. 

a small amount of the fmqing
I have two, both lap size. Yes that's two quilts quilted all on my domestic machines. I will show the BOM for my guild next week, they get first view. The second is a magazine deadline so no pictures just yet. 
If you've ever quilted a quilt on your domestic machine you know firsthand how long it can take. But the results are worth it. No edge to edge for me I have tried but the quilt screams NO so what's a quilter to do but listen.

There was also a lot of laughs and fun in my sewing room so much so I forgot to snap pictures as we went.
One of my granddaughters wanted to sew. I was more than happy to oblige. We had to decide on a project she wanted a real project not just learning to sew seams, she choose a placemat. I thought that was a good idea. We got out my box of strips and she picked what colours she liked.
I taught her rotrary cutter safety and she trimmed the strips to 12 1/2'' by 2 1/2'' with a watchful eye from grandma. 
She made a quilt as you go carefully placing the strips one at a time.

one very proud little quilter

I am so proud of this girl! But the best was listening to her explain how she made it to her non-sewing mom. There may be hope for her mom yet... wait for it. She went out and bought a pink Splash, a cutting mat and a ruler. 

I hope you have had time to see the pleasure and joy in a young face seeing their first project take shape and proudly displaying it to everyone.


  1. Your granddaughter did a great job on that placemat! It is so pretty with all that happy pink and aqua. So neat that you were able to walk her through the process, and that she could explain it all to mom. Those moments are the best! Your machine quilting looks great. Someday I'm going to be brave enough to try that on an actual quilt. :-)

  2. She's adorable! She did a great job on her placement. I hope it's the start of a lifetime of quilting for her.

  3. That picture of your granddaughter is truly priceless. Look up 'beaming' in the dictionary and there she'll be. :-) Maybe it will rub off on her mom yet! Ooooh the eye candy of your quilting--! Be still my heart. Can't wait to see. And yup, I hear quilts too.

  4. Yeah for fun!! I hate quilting on my domestic. So glad I have a machine mounted on a frame. But I do need to practice more on my domestic so I don't lose the skills. Your granddaughter did a wonderful job. Kudos.

  5. She chose a great pattern for a beginner. I love how seriously she is modeling her handiwork. You must be so proud of her, Grandma!!! I am sure you will have many more such occasions.


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