Wednesday 3 July 2019

The Beauty Around Us

I had a great vacation at my oldest son's place in Killarney, Ontario. Tyson Lake which my son's place is on is 9 1/2 miles long.

beauty surrounded us out on Tyson lake one evening
A view of his place from the lake side.

you can see a couple of the cabins on his resort peeking out to the left of his house and gazebo
While there our son usually has a project or two that he needs his Dad's help for. This is one of them, we helped him put this out on the lake for his guests to enjoy.

water fun! A trampoline with a slide 

The weather was beautiful! I enjoyed the time we spent with this little cutie.

grandma may have given her a treat or two

Some of my roses were blooming when we got back home.

the white spots on the leaves are a milk and water mix for black spot and fungus
I have played in my sewing room or maybe I really should say I got hit with a squirrel. So instead of working on other projects that need to be done. I did this, I have been wanting to do a collage of one of my flowers that I took a photo of for a while now.  This is just the start, I see many hours in my future working on this.

a very long way to go before a finish happens

Take a little time to see what nature has given us. I hope you get to enjoy the beauty around you.


  1. Oh, that project looks like it is coming along nicely, and what a delightful diversion! What a treat to be able to spend time with your son, at a lake, and enjoy time with that little cutie as well! So many good things in this post, and lovely flowers to boot!

  2. Oh my god Cindy! I actually said that out loud about your art piece... It is going to be exquisite. You are just so amazing with those teeny-weeny appliqué pieces! Loe your year I hope to get some; right now there is just one that was with the house and needs to be moved. Gorgeous lake pics too, ahhh, and what fun: a trampoline in the water and cheesies in hand and mouth of the granddaughter (cutie!)

  3. What a beautiful place your son has! You are so lucky to be able to visit! And that little cutey patooty? You are one lucky grandma!
    I take so many pictures when I go out to feed my "critters". They are mostly pictures of any of the hundreds of beautiful plant life I am surrounded by. Right now I have dozens of pictures of the poppies that grow and bloom this time of year and I have been thinking seriously of making some small quilts with the images.
    I really admire your beautiful flower that you are working on. Very encouraging for me!

  4. Great that you had a wonderful vacation. My brother's name is Tyson. Your flower is beautiful. Enjoy the process, and I can't wait to see it when you're finished.

  5. Everyone seems to be in such a rush going here and there. Slow down. This world is an amazing place! Look around you.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I'd be taking pictures of my quilts in this gorgeous setting :-)

  7. Somehow missed this Cindy. I'm glad you had a great visit with your son and your roses both in life and in the quilt look great.

  8. lovely vacation, and I am sure your son and his family love living there. There is a Killarney way down the bottom of Ireland, must be a link there. Your collage looks very interesting, it will be good to see it come on.

  9. Yay for good vacations, and again for getting home again. Your collage is going to be lovely. I haven't been tempted to try one, but I love to look at them :)

  10. We all must have come across a saying that is every heart has a warm place for beauty.

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