Wednesday 23 December 2015

Happy Holidays

Two sleeps and the big day will be here. A lot of work and time spent for one day. But when surrounded by those we love it is so worth it.
For those who celebrate this Christmas season as I do, Merry Christmas. For those who celebrate this holiday season in another way, Season's Greetings - Happy Holidays. I wish peace, love,  joy and good health to all.

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday 15 December 2015

Medallion BOM Finished

This was slow going but at last I have a finish in plenty of time to give as a Christmas gift for my oldest son. You can read about this quilt here.  We have no sun which makes it hard to get good pictures. No snow either!

No snow yet! But also no sun.
The first border I added was simply HST's with a strip of background fabric added to each end to make the border fit. Then a strip of background fabric and a final strip of the same fabric as the sashing and inner border. It finished up at 70'' but after tossing it in the washer and dryer it finishes at 67 1/2''s square. I love a quilt fresh out of the dryer showing all the texture of the quilting. 

I did try out some ruler work with the ruler foot toe, you can read more about the foot here. Amy from Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures has a Craftsy class which I have already taken,this is an affiliate link. I only have one ruler but I know I will be buying more soon. 
It did take a bit to get used to moving the ruler with the fabric and I have, as my one granddaughter said a couple 'hills' where the I didn't move everything together as a unit. But overall I was impressed hills and all. As you can tell it doesn't take much to get me excited.

ruler work complete with 'hills'

harder to see the ruler work in this one mainly the background.

On top of that I have hardly any scraps from this project I made a scrappy binding, by sewing 1 1/2'' strips of all the red fabrics, together then cutting them at a 45 degree angle at 2 1/4'' for my binding width, then I sewed the cut strips together to make over 320'' of binding. I like the effect of the scrappy binding.

scrappy binding

By the way I fixed the block with the corners going the wrong way read about that here. I appliqued a  new piece over each corner and quilted them.  

all fixed

The colours in the quilt would have shown up better if Mr. Sun would have made an appearance.

hanging in a tree

I was going to make a table runner and a couple other things I had in mind for Christmas, maybe next year. I don't have a single thing wrapped and Christmas is next week....

Are you ready for Christmas?

Saturday 12 December 2015

How could I?

Did you ever have this happen? Apparently I need stronger glasses. I just can't believe I did this but the picture doesn't lie and it gets worse I quilted it and still didn't notice it.

big oops
Oh and of course the sashings are already quilted too. Now what? Do I rip it all out? I am already dreading even the thoughts of that idea. Do I leave it as is? The Amish are said to have a mistake somewhere in their quilts. Maybe I can pretend I'm Amish...  What would you do? Just in case you didn't catch it. See those HST's to the right they are turned in instead of out.

Sunday 6 December 2015

Sunday Stash Here I go again

I did it again...More Fat Quarters! I'm a sucker for them. I don't see any help in the near future of this problem getting any better. I bought these three bundles, I never buy bundles but I couldn't resist the temptation of these three, from Craftsy.  Craftsy is having 12 days of Christmas sale now. This is an affiliate link, I get a small compensation if you click on it. We have no snow! It is a little overcast, that is supposed to clear and the sun is going to make an appearance. Everyday that is a no shovel day is fantastic in my books. I know a Canadian who doesn't want snow, what can I say but pleaseee everyone else keep the white stuff to yourself. No sharing allowed!

Three bundles of quilty bliss

I haven't even opened these bundles yet. That will come later. First up this bundle of Michael Miller 10 piece Pastel Provence. One of my granddaughters is starting to collect all things Eiffel Tower. The bottom piece has Eiffel towers  on it. I am thinking of making a wall hanging for her using this bundle, for her birthday in March. At least I have a plan to use theses ones.

Pastel Provence bundle

Up next is Windham Fabrics Christmas Bundle. I am in short supply of Christmas fabrics and hopefully these are destined to become a table runner and pot holders. Maybe for next year as I don't see myself having time to get them done this year. But one never knows miracles do happen....

Christmas bundle 12 pieces

Last but not least is this 15 piece bundle of Traditional Windham Fabrics. No plan no ideas just a weak moment again. Who knows maybe an idea will appear. Maybe a BOM? 

Lovely bundle but sadly no idea on how to use them
I need to get to work on the quilting of my oldest son's Christmas gift you can read about it here. I bought a ruler toe foot and ruler for my DSM. I did some practicing on a quilt sandwich practice piece. I'm ready...kind of ....maybe to use it on my son's quilt. I'll have more about that in another post. In the meantime a sneak least it's all set up to start.