Sunday 2 October 2022

Where did the time go

 It's been so long since I've written a blog post, I'm not even sure how to begin. Yes, I have been quilting I have made 14 charity quilts, more about those in a future post.

Let's start off with what I've done most recently. I went on a bus tour to Missouri. This is the first bus trip I've been on, as a widow it's the only way I think I'll travel anymore. 

the lizard 

Edna's Travel arranged the bus tour, we had two buses from Ontario to Missouri. Edna and her husband accompanied the buses, looking after everything. What's better than a quilt tour! We had 8 days packed full of fun, from quilt shops to Branson Missouri shows.

We went on the Mark Twain riverboat cruise in Hannibal Missouri, then on to Hickory Stick Quilt Shop and Bits and Pieces, Vintage Sewing Notions and More. Then off to Hamilton, Missouri.

The next day we were off to Missouri Star Quilt

While there might as well meet and have a picture taken with Jenny Doan.

Jenny Doan, me, and cousin/friend Diane

We attended a special event, an Evening with the Doans.

the Doan family

Everyone at the show received a swag bag.

there were also 2 yards of cuddle fabric and a jelly roll which is the in photo below

a jelly roll, 2 charm packs, and a mini charm

Some more swag from the Birthday Bash.

Birthday Bash swag

The Missouri Quilt Museum is in Hamilton Missouri and is well worth visiting. They have everything from featherweight machines, to toy sewing machines, and miniature doll quilts to name a few.


a small section of the toy machines

miniature doll quilts

and yes that says 1/16'' piece, they were small 

On our last day in Hamilton we attended the Birthday Bash Sewlebrity Sewoff, check out the youtube video.

After three days of events at the Birthday Bash in Hamilton, Missouri, we were off to Branson. On the first day in Branson, we enjoyed the New Jersey Nights, dinner out at Pasghetti's, and then on to the next show Clay Coopers Express. I thoroughly enjoyed his show!

Clay Cooper

The following day we went to Quilts & Quilts The Fabric Shop and the Quilted Cow we had dinner at the Keeter Center at Ozark College. The dinner was prepared by the culinary students and served by students. It was delicious, we had salad, turkey, cranberry chutney, buns, stuffing, and cheesecake for dessert.

Ozark College students

Then off to Dean Z The Ultimate Elvis.

Dean Z

What a wonderful getaway filled with laughter and the making of new friends. Of course, there was also some shopping involved but that's for another post. 

For more photos check out Edna's Facebook page