Sunday 6 November 2022

Charity Wheel-Chair Quilts

     My guild took on making wheel-chair quilts for one of the local Long Term Care Homes. We are a small guild with approx 30 members and this is a big undertaking for us. We need 136 quilts, they are approximately 30'' x 40''. They will be delivered in December to the home and hopefully depending on how bad Covid cases get, some of the guild members and Santa will be there. 

The idea is to provide something to the residents and hopefully make their Christmas a little brighter and also so they know someone is thinking about them. As some residents have no one to visit them.

Excuse the leaves it was quite windy yesterday and I haven't been out to rake yet today. I was more interested in taking photos for this blog post.

These two were made from scrap bags from my guild.

I made 14, and most were made using fabrics and scraps from our guild stash with a donation from my stash for backgrounds or to supplement the scraps. Some were made using orphan guild blocks.

Some orphan blocks, and more scraps

the purple/pink was a quilt someone had donated. The wonky star was a single orphan block

The purple and pink quilt required a little surgery and seam ripping, the floral was a part of the original quilt. 

Charm squares and sashing

a little bit of irish

The 4 patch units were not square, they were rectangular, but I think in this layout they worked darn good.

sometimes simple is best

these are browner than they appear
Even though I haven't been blogging much, which I need to get back into doing, I have been busy.

Some of the quilts took longer to come up with ideas than to actually make them.