Thursday 28 July 2016

Meadow Mystery Fabrics

My fabrics I ordered from Sew Sisters in Toronto have arrived, you can read more about the selection here.

Meadow Mystery Fabric pull

A, C and D are from the clearance fabrics I ordered. Fabrics A and D are 'Color it Blue' by Faye Burgos, B is'Quilters Basic Dusty Style' by Stof, B is 'Glengarry Manor' by Northcott, E I bought on sale at a LQS and I can't make out the writing in the selvedge. A mystery fabric in a mystery quilt sounds fitting.

I'm all set for the next step in the Meadow Mystery Quilt with time to spare... Well okay maybe only a week.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Sunday Stash

I got some squishy mail my favourite kind. I was recently the lucky winner of a Stash Fabrics Design Star Club fat quarter bundle over at Red Pepper Quilts. It was sponsored by Stash Fabrics. Stash Fabrics is an online quilt store specializing in modern quilting and apparel fabric.

16 lovely new additions

No plans for these lovelies yet, however my DD oohed and ahhed them. I think she may have been hinting for me to use them to make something for her. Not right now DD. You see this year I am joining Cheryl's Midnight Mystery quilt and it is going to be for DD, I ordered some fabric yesterday from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop, I was going to try and use some of my stash but I lack blues and DD's favourite colour is blue. Some of it also might be Sandra's of mmmquilts fault as she showed the fabrics she is using from Sew Sisters, some lovely Northcott's. They had some great fabrics in the clearance section at a descent price for a Canadian fabric shop. I did find some nice blues.

In the garden today. The stargazer lily is blooming, I've had this lily for a couple years and this is the first year that it is blooming and let me tell you the fragrance is heavenly.

stargazer lily...wish you good smell them

The end of the month is coming up which means  Tish's block for the Mini Round Robin needed to be done. I am happy to say it is done and ready for the reveal which will be at the end of the month.

Craftsy is having a Christmas in July sale that ends on Sunday 7/24 at 11:59pm MT. Up to 60% off kits and supplies.

Linking up to Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash today.

Sunday 17 July 2016

A Little of This and That

Time for an update as to what I've been up to lately. It doesn't seem like I've done much lately, but I have been busy.

Now that school is out for the summer, the grandkids have been regular visitors at grandmas house. Nothing beats enjoying time spent with my grandkids. Quilting gets put on hold as they come first every time. On a hot steamy summer day who doesn't want to have ice cream with grandma and grandpa. Sometimes I think they wear more than they eat. But that's mommy's problem...

Of course I have done other things like admiring these. My flowers always give me pleasure. I think everyone should take time to enjoy what mother nature gives us if at all possible. My grass is a lovely shade of brown not that I enjoy that. We haven't had much in the way of rain since the first of June and I only water my flowers and veggies.

A few of the day lilies in bloom I have a couple more but they weren't open

Then there has been some applique done. Been a little slow as I am designing them as I go. Using my favourite method of applique 'Crafted Applique'. More to come on these in a future post.

A whole lot of HST making going on over here too. Making and trimming these little guys as I'm sure you can all relate takes a fair  heck a lot of time. More about that project in another post too.

HST's aplenty a couple hundred give or take

So far that is what is keeping me out of trouble this summer. What are you doing to keep busy so far this summer?