Thursday 28 July 2016

Meadow Mystery Fabrics

My fabrics I ordered from Sew Sisters in Toronto have arrived, you can read more about the selection here.

Meadow Mystery Fabric pull

A, C and D are from the clearance fabrics I ordered. Fabrics A and D are 'Color it Blue' by Faye Burgos, B is'Quilters Basic Dusty Style' by Stof, B is 'Glengarry Manor' by Northcott, E I bought on sale at a LQS and I can't make out the writing in the selvedge. A mystery fabric in a mystery quilt sounds fitting.

I'm all set for the next step in the Meadow Mystery Quilt with time to spare... Well okay maybe only a week.


  1. A week is plenty of time to spare! I look forward to seeing how all our versions come together. :)

  2. Hi Cyndy: I'm looking forward to seeing your version of the quilt the blues and greens look great together.

  3. These are going to look beautiful :)

  4. I think my favourite is fabric d . It will be great to see how all these come together

  5. Really lovely selections Cindy!


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