Monday, 18 April 2022

Wonderful World of Colour Blog Hop

 This hop is hosted by Joan at MooseStash Quilting, the challenge was to make something inspired by the world of colour. 
Scraps lend themselves to the use of many colours and when tamed into an eye-pleasing design they become the star of the quilt.

taming of the scraps into crumb blocks

I did a little sorting of some (there are too many to do them all) of my scraps. The job didn't get finished before, way before. Okay if I'm being honest I never did finish sorting them, the sewing machine was calling my name. And off I went full steam ahead just sewing scraps together into crumb blocks. This type of sewing is a no think just grab a scrap and sew it to the previous pieces. Sometimes all we need is mindless sewing. 

a few of the crumb blocks

I trimmed the crumb blocks into 6 1/2'' squares, added a neutral 6 1/2'' scrap, and made 5 1/2'' HST's. 

I used two crumbs blocks for each star

I debated with me, myself and I, we had quite the conversation, as to whether the centres of the friendship stars were going to be white or a solid colour. The white won out, this time. 

a pieced flimsy

The next decision border, yes or no. A pieced scrappy border, a solid border. Please let me know what you think.

Unfortunately, this is as far as I got, which is a first for me. I always have a finished project for these blog hops, but I ran out of time to complete it.  Oh and that border decision didn't help any.

Now let's see what wonderful colour projects my fellow blog members have come up with today.

Sunday, 20 March 2022

Project Quilting 13.6

 A big thank you to Kim Lapacek at Persimon Dreams for hosting this challenge for us each year. I participated in each of the 6 challenges and loved each one.

We were to incorporate some pieced flying geese. At least five. I had a plan but due to an ongoing elderly family problem I ran out of time. I started this piece at 6 AM this morning.

flying geese check

Sorry not many photos, no time for them.

a finish
This piece is 9'' x 8''. I used Aurifil Thread for quilting the straight lines and |Hobbs Thermore Batting. 

Sunday, 13 March 2022

Time in a bottle Blog Hop

 The "Time in a Bottle" challenge was to make something with an hourglass block in it. This blog hop is hosted by Carol of Just Let me Quilt.

I'm never sure what I'm going to make for these hops. Sometimes I go down the Pinterest rabbit hole, or I play around in EQ8 until something strikes my fancy. This time I took the EQ route and deleted more ideas than I kept. But I finally settled on something I thought would fit the parameters of the hop. 

one hourglass block... it's a start

I am still trying to use some older less loved fabrics in my stash. All the fabrics for my project are from Moda.

one block coming together

I think it may have been better if I had reversed the colours, however, I was limited by the amount of blue solid I had and I really wanted to use up that bubble fabric. 

the quilt top would have benefited from a inner blue border

I kept the quilting simple on this quilt. I did loops de loops in the background fabric. Some curves in the squares and triangles. Those triangles are busy enough without overdoing the quilting that wouldn't have shown up anyway.

a pieced backing to use up the leftover pieces

I am happy to say all I have left of the bubble fabric are a couple 3-inch squares, I call that a win.

This quilt will be donated to Ronald Macdonald House in London as part of Hands2Help. You can read more about that over at The Academic Quilter's blog. The quilt finished at 40'' x  40''.

Now let's see what the other bloggers of the hop are making today.

Sunday, 6 March 2022

Project Quilting 13.5

 Challenge 13.5 we were to play with repetition and the creation of rhythm. Something had to be intentionally repeated three times or more.  Project Quilting is hosted by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams.

When coming up with an idea for this week's challenge I as I'm sure most of the world has been doing watched the travesty that Russia is doing to Ukraine. My heart is with all Ukrainians. So it's no wonder that this week's project has at the very least hearts.

This is where I was in my project on Friday

I couldn't work on my PQ project as I had a deadline for a secret project, it had to be finished first. I finally had time on Friday to design and start making my creation. Hearts check. With a deadline of Sunday, I knew I had to get cracking on my PQ project. No time for progress photos.

a table topper completed before the deadline

This 21'' x 21'' table topper or wall hanging I put hanging corners on the back, is made in the colours of Ukraine's flag. I fmqed feathers in all the hearts using a light yellow Aurifil #2105, the blue is #2770 and the white is #2021. 

the back shows the quilting

I used Hobbs Thermore batting my favourite batting for table toppers and wall hangings.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Project Quilting 13.4 Diamonds

 Project Quilting is hosted by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams. In this week's challenge, we were to use Diamonds. We could combine triangles, or split rectangles. It didn't need to be literal, we just need to explain our use of diamonds.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to approach this challenge, I was limited by time constraints as it was a busy week dealing with a family member. All is well, just real-life stuff happening.

Feeling inspired I fired up EQ8 and started playing with triangles and squares, what evolved was a paper pieced pattern. Not the best idea when I didn't have a lot of time. But I like a challenge and this was a challenge.
two of the four blocks needed

Not looking much like diamonds, except the corners do have a diamond shape. Right? Loving the green, which may have something to do with it being my favourite colour.

ready to add a couple borders too

diamonds quilted in the centre pieces

I quilted diamonds in the centres, this is a take on an Angela Walters design. I also quilted diamond shapes in the four corners.

diamond corners with diamonds quilted in them 

Of course, when one is pressed for time, it seems everything that can go wrong does.

oops, ripping time here I come

And it didn't stop there. When trimming the sides after I was done free motion quilting it, my ruler slipped and I cut more off the sides than I really wanted to.

then there was a game of binding chicken, I won

Whew! I made it

I like the star in the design. I think I accomplished the challenge.

Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Tickled Pink Blog Hop

 Today is the final day of the Tickled Pink Blog Hop! It is being hosted by Carla of Creatin' in the Sticks.  
It seems I have been bringing up the rear lately on these hops, I think they are leaving the best to the last. At least that is my opinion!

We were to create something with pink in it, with five granddaughters I may have a fair amount of pink.
Bird in the Air blocks centre

I pulled a couple Bird in the Air blocks out of my orphan block draw, sewed them together, and added a fabric square to each side.

quilt as you go

I decided to do a quilt-as-you-go method for my project. 

A variety of pink strips for the top

The above piece is 15'' x 15''. Looks okay, but I think it could use a little something more.

that's better

A little applique and I think the front of my project is done. Now on to the back I pulled a piece of fabric from my stash, no idea how old it is. My guess would be early 90's?

simple diagonal line quilting

I made a quilt sandwich of batting and the fabric, both sides of the sandwich use the same print.
I made this piece 15'' x 17''.

the back in the freshly fallen snow

By now I'm sure you're wondering what did she make. 

Tada! A project bag

I made a fully lined zippered project bag. The bag finished at 14 1/2'' x 14 1/2''. Now the next question is what will I be putting in it, at this point no idea. Maybe I will list it in my Etsy Store, StitchinatHome.

Let's see what my fellow bloggers have made, today's list is below.

Friday, 4 February 2022

Project Quilting 13.3 Kitchen Influence

 Project Quilting is hosted by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams. In this week's challenge, we were to use food and cooking as our inspiration. We could use food-printed novelty fabric, a functional kitchen item you get the idea.
My project uses a novelty print and a functional kitchen item. I decided to make a set of finger mitts. I googled and went done the Pinterest rabbit hole. In the end, I drew my own template. 

layering main fabric, lining, and Insul fleece

I didn't have any Insul-bright and we were in the midst of a winter storm event, but I did have a piece of Insul fleece. I used two layers of the Insul fleece I think I would have been better off using two layers of cotton batting. But live and learn, in this case, make and learn. 

all layered and stay stitched on the edges

As you can see both my main fabric and lining are a food novelty print from Anna Griffin from 2013. I'm not sure why I had these two 1/3 yd pieces, but at least I finally found a use for a bit of them.

all done and functional

The next set I make, I am going to make them a little wider, and space the fingers and thumb part a little wider also. 

Now back to finishing up the shoveling!