Sunday 19 March 2023

Project Quilting Final Challenge

Challenge 14.6 was about our fears and facing those fears to achieve growth. This challenge was not an easy challenge for me. I’m not afraid of quilting techniques, whether it is applique, working with Inktense pencils, or other techniques. I had no idea what I was going to make for this challenge, I was stumped.

     Finally, with less than two days to come up with a plan and get it done in time, I had an idea. We have heard a lot on the news lately about atmospheric rains, torrential storms, and mudslides mostly contributed to climate change. My fear is what shape are we going to leave this planet in for future generations. 

Could I make a quilt representing climate change with just piecing and no applique? Could I get it done in time? The challenge was on! 

Please excuse the lack of pictures.

The sun represents climate warming. The bottom two peaks are the ice melt due to climate warming, and the rest are mudslides and possibly earthquakes. The quilted swirls are winds of change. The stars are our hope that we can help our planet heal. 

This wall hanging is 15'' by 12''. 

A big thank you to Kim @PerisimonDreams and Trish @QuiltChicken for another great year of project quilting.


  1. This is a really moving piece, Cindy. I, too, am deeply concerned about the state of affairs and these recent atmospheric rivers really are wreaking havoc on so many around me here in California.

  2. I agree; I think the weather systems are worsening, signals of climate change. So your piece is certainly fitting and also so pretty too.

  3. I'm very late in commenting, not sure how I missed this! All the representations in your little quilt are so cool. A thoughtful quilt!


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