Tuesday 21 August 2018

A Bit of Improv

Disclosure: I don't do improv well, I like structured blocks. But let's give it a whirl and just see what happens. Maybe it will be a reject or a keeper. You be the judge.

I toss bits and pieces in small containers, you know just in case you need that one piece you just tossed. It was time to come up with a game plan to use some of them up. Improv piecing here I come.

box is starting to overflow

triangle cutoffs might as well use a few of them too

After a little sewing I had one 6 1/2'' block hmm not bad, I see possibilities.

those are blacks although they look washed out here
Might as well dive in and make another.

a little more grey in this one
Now what?? Put them on the design wall step back and let inspiration come forth. Look out here goes nothing or everything! 

adding blocks of black, some triangles and strips.... this actually might work
 Make units and more units and start joining them into something coherent.

starting to become interesting, but not quite feeling it
It needs something more at least I feel it does. Dig into more scraps and leftovers. Warning improv can be a little messy. It seems the piece I was sort of looking for, but didn't realize I was looking for them were at the bottom of the box. I didn't take a picture of the mess I made I was in full search mode. I don't work well in a mess and have since cleaned it up.

those blacks didn't photograph worth a darn.

The strips on the side were already sewn with the 3 pieces on a 45. They were leftover from a table runner I made years ago as a gift to a friend who has since passed away. Silly me I have no pictures of it at all and no idea who has it now.

This mini is 28'' by 21'', and is patiently waiting for me to quilt it. 

Now for the question is it a keeper?

An Unscheduled Break

I'm here *Waving wildly* I'm here. Wow it's been a month since my last post, I've been here just dealing with real life.
We took a much needed break and went up North to Killarney to visit our oldest son. It was a well needed time away. His place Avalon Eco Resort, is gorgeous and so peaceful.

looking across Tyson Lake at dusk

peaceful view from the deck

We went kayaking a few times. Enjoyed time with our youngest granddaughter, I had to get in lots of hugs to last until Christmas.

our northern  granddaughter, she loves being outside
I finally got my Pfaff machine back after being in for repairs, this time it was gone for more than 2 months. Unreal! The good news it seems to be working correctly for the first time since I bought it new.
I pulled out my Westalee ruler toe foot and rulers and gave it a bit of a workout. I think I should have made the swirls smaller but other than that I'm happy with it. Now what do I do with this piece?
ruler work and some fmqing

I hope you have been taking some time to enjoy life and the people who are important to you.