Saturday 23 April 2016

Machine Cover my April OMG Finish

My machine is no longer naked, she has a nice new cover to help keep her dust free. You can read  the initial post here.
I have a container well I actually have a whole mess of containers with bits and pieces of leftover stuff (technical term). I pulled four HST's out,and an idea was born. I added the sewing appliques then the flowers and vines

Pinwheel block from orphan HST's 
  I measured my machine, first the height, then the depth and the length. Today on My Quilt Infatuation Kelly has a wonderful photo of how to take the measurements required when making your own machine cover. She also has a lovely scrappy machine cover tutorial.
 I took the height multiplied it by two, for the front and back, and added the depth to find out how long the piece needed to be. I cut it about two inches longer and wider than I needed. This was a perfect project to get used to using my new machine for FMQing. I didn't mark anything, I had fun and just let it flow.

Main cover all FMQed.

The end pieces I just did more free motion quilting, I did mark the edges to determine were I wanted my lines on the crosshatch piece.

cross hatching for the one end piece

The other end I did a feather, echoed it a couple times and then some simple stippling.

feather and stippling for the other end piece.

When I sewed the ends I didn't finish the inside seams with binding like Kelly did I instead topstitched an 1/8'' from the seam. I bound the bottom edge using binding pieces from another one of my containers. I put leftover pieces of binding in, then when I need a smaller binding I have one readily available.

topstitching on the end seams

A couple photos of the finished cover modeled by my lovely machine.

feather shows up nicely on the end piece

I have a knee lift for the presser foot so that's what you see coming out the front

My machine is now covered, and I am happy with how this project turned out.

I am offering the flower, vines and sewing accessories appliques in my Craftsy pattern store free. 

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Sunday 17 April 2016


 I am trying to use up some of my scraps and stash, it has been steadily growing and needs to shrink. I'm sure no one else has that problem...haha. While looking through some of my scraps I found some of these 5 inch squares from when I had made my grandson an eye spy quilt, I thought these would be perfect to make into a quilt for a little boy.

charm squares and stash pull

I pulled a few blue pieces to go along with the squares. Sewed the squares into simple 9 patches, added the borders. I made herringbone blocks for the corners, but looking at the picture now I wish I would have added the light blue all around  and then the corner blocks.

With borders added

Now to finish adding the last border and then quilt it.

It's another sunny warm day in my part of the world, and I promised my rose bushes that I would give them my attention today. So I'm off to enjoy some gardening. 

Wednesday 6 April 2016

April OMG

My monthly goal should be simple. New machine needs a cover to keep the dust off. Of course that requires some sort of a plan or idea. Mr Google can you help this quilter out? Yes sirree he did I looked at a ideas on pinterest, so many ideas floating around right now. I need to narrow it down and come up with a pattern and answer a few questions before getting started. Do I want applique? Do I just make a cover with ties on the side or an overall cover? Use patchwork or use up some orphan block pieces? Maybe a scrappy cover?

I pulled a couple fabrics for the cover.

fabric pull??
Wish me luck! Linking up to Red Letter Quilts OMG.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Best of Days.

Friday April 1st was my 39th wedding anniversary. I know you're thinking what a couple fools for choosing April Fool's Day, but one thing for sure my hubby has never forgotten what day our anniversary is.
After everything we've been through recently, we decided to just enjoy the day. We had our 2 year old grandson over in the morning, went for our daily walk hand in hand and then went out for a lovely meal. All in all a wonderful day. We've been there for each other through the good and not so good days, and know that as long as we are both able to, we will be there to continue to support each other.

In those 39 years we have raised three wonderful kids and six adorable and fabulous grandchildren. They are the best grandchildren ever, I may be just a tad bias in making that statement. But hey it's the truth as far as I'm concerned. Life has not always been easy but we endured and will continue to enjoy what pleasures life has to offer us. For better or for worse, in sickness and health, til death us due part. Hopefully the last part is a long time in coming.

Mother nature and old man winter got together and decided winter isn't done with us yet, this is what I awoke to this morning ugh. We are under a snowfall warning, up to 25 cm of the white stuff today. I want sun and warmer temperatures.

                               My hyacinths are under all that snow. 

I have been playing slowly with my watercolour project you can read more about it here.

Applique is done.

As you can see I have a bit more work to do on it, but it is coming along nicely. Going to do a little bit of thread work on the flower and the hummingbird wings and then try and decide how to quilt it.

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Hopefully the weather is better in your part of the world!