Sunday 17 April 2016


 I am trying to use up some of my scraps and stash, it has been steadily growing and needs to shrink. I'm sure no one else has that problem...haha. While looking through some of my scraps I found some of these 5 inch squares from when I had made my grandson an eye spy quilt, I thought these would be perfect to make into a quilt for a little boy.

charm squares and stash pull

I pulled a few blue pieces to go along with the squares. Sewed the squares into simple 9 patches, added the borders. I made herringbone blocks for the corners, but looking at the picture now I wish I would have added the light blue all around  and then the corner blocks.

With borders added

Now to finish adding the last border and then quilt it.

It's another sunny warm day in my part of the world, and I promised my rose bushes that I would give them my attention today. So I'm off to enjoy some gardening. 


  1. Great way to use scraps, what a fun quilt. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be outside in the glorious sunshine? So uplifting to see everything budding and bursting out into flower; saw my first magnolias on Saturday! I think the corners look perfectly fine; I like how you did the 3 shades of blue for the border. I also would never have thought that is a 9-patch! I like how it creates the 4-patches the way you've set it. Lots of interest.

  3. We have a sunny beautiful day here too Cindy. It won;t be long before those roses are in full bloom!
    I think those corner blocks probably look really neat and might give a chain effect when the whole quilt is viewed. It's a really fun and scrappy quilt!

  4. I spy quilts are perfect for H2H. Some little boy is going to love this quilt.

  5. This is truly an adorable little boy quilt! Your grandson was lucky to have a quilt out of these prints, and another boy somewhere will be equally as blessed. What a wonderful project Hands2Help is. I'm delighted to work with all these quilters finally.

  6. Some little boy is going to absolutely love this quilt. And you are right it is good to have sunshine and warmth back. I just wish there was a way to dial back the pollen...yikes it's high this year.


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