Saturday 23 April 2016

Machine Cover my April OMG Finish

My machine is no longer naked, she has a nice new cover to help keep her dust free. You can read  the initial post here.
I have a container well I actually have a whole mess of containers with bits and pieces of leftover stuff (technical term). I pulled four HST's out,and an idea was born. I added the sewing appliques then the flowers and vines

Pinwheel block from orphan HST's 
  I measured my machine, first the height, then the depth and the length. Today on My Quilt Infatuation Kelly has a wonderful photo of how to take the measurements required when making your own machine cover. She also has a lovely scrappy machine cover tutorial.
 I took the height multiplied it by two, for the front and back, and added the depth to find out how long the piece needed to be. I cut it about two inches longer and wider than I needed. This was a perfect project to get used to using my new machine for FMQing. I didn't mark anything, I had fun and just let it flow.

Main cover all FMQed.

The end pieces I just did more free motion quilting, I did mark the edges to determine were I wanted my lines on the crosshatch piece.

cross hatching for the one end piece

The other end I did a feather, echoed it a couple times and then some simple stippling.

feather and stippling for the other end piece.

When I sewed the ends I didn't finish the inside seams with binding like Kelly did I instead topstitched an 1/8'' from the seam. I bound the bottom edge using binding pieces from another one of my containers. I put leftover pieces of binding in, then when I need a smaller binding I have one readily available.

topstitching on the end seams

A couple photos of the finished cover modeled by my lovely machine.

feather shows up nicely on the end piece

I have a knee lift for the presser foot so that's what you see coming out the front

My machine is now covered, and I am happy with how this project turned out.

I am offering the flower, vines and sewing accessories appliques in my Craftsy pattern store free. 

If your Free Motion Quilting needs a little brushing up or you are just starting out why not try a Craftsy class they are 50% off for a limited time. This is an affiliate link whereby I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. 


  1. This turned out beautiful and your freemotion looks great! Congrats on you OMG finish and that your machine will no longer be naked. My poor machine just sits all day showing all her goodies (in front of a window none the less) and leaving nothing to imagination :)

  2. Such a pretty outfit for your machine.

  3. What a lovely machine cover both in your design and quilting, and I just went and printed out your sewing scissors etc to use for something down the line; thankk you!

  4. Cindy, this is so gorgeous! You really knocked this out of the park! I so love your design and then the wild quilting you did is just amazing! Clearly you got used to your new sewing machine's quilting quite quickly. You must have had a lot of fun making your new cover!

  5. Looks beautiful Cindy! Your free motion quilting is wonderful and that is a perfect project for anyone to practice quilting! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Your machine cover is indeed beautiful. I don't know who steal the show: the appliqués or the quilting. They are both gorgeous.

  7. Love those appliques! I have bookmarked this as a To-Do, I want to try some wild quilting!

  8. Your naked machine now has a beautiful dressing. Great job!

  9. This is beautiful! I love the quilting!

  10. It's really lovely Cindy and it's a wonderful way to show off your fmq.

  11. What a lovely way to use scraps and work on fmq! It's beautiful!!


  12. This is proof positive what depth, beauty and wow-factor some FMQ can do to a piece!! I liked it as a flimsy, but Holy Toledo I adore it with your fabulous FMQ Cindy! Beautiful. :-) Good thing you reminded me to link up my finish to OMG!

  13. That turned out fantastic! I've been meaning to make my Bernina a cover, it sits under my table and collects dust, cat hair, and fabric threads. I always feel so bad when I pull it out to quilt... I'm feeling inspired by your cover!

  14. Love your Sewing Machine cover!! (Please don't tell my machine...she will want one!..needs one!!! giggle..) You did a Gorgeous job! Thank you for the Pattern machine will probably get a surprise before long..:)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! :D

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