Saturday 22 December 2018

Craftsy is Making Changes...And What it Means to You

All designers who have a Craftsy pattern store, received email notification of a change in the Craftsy marketplace. I am one of the designers whose Craftsy shop will remain, however not all my patterns may remain. Only Craftsy knows what patterns will remain available after December 28, 2018. Also, I can't add any new patterns to Craftsy until sometime in 2019.

The patterns you have purchased from me will still be available in YOUR Craftsy account library after December 28, 2018. I would recommend downloading the patterns to your computer just to be safe (if you have not already).

All patterns on Craftsy will remain available for sale (unless the designer deletes them) for the next week. If you’ve been eyeing any pattern on Craftsy, now is your last chance to go grab it.

I heard and read comments on social media about this fiasco and so many are saying that they won't support Craftsy anymore. I get it BUT I still have MY shop there, so if people are going to boycott then I have no more business and I have no idea where I will sell my patterns or host free patterns at this time.

PLEASE, please don't stop supporting the few designers who didn't get the boot by Craftsy. My only complaint is that this is happening at Christmas and with only a weeks notice. I'd rather be enjoying family time than worrying about what I'm going to do.

As my way of saying thanks for supporting me let's have a draw for a free pattern of your choice from my store! Leave a comment with the name of your favourite pattern and I'll do a random draw on December 28, 2018.

two of my latest patterns

Thank you for all your support and help over the last few years. Merry Christmas!!

Monday 10 December 2018

Snowman Mini

I seem to be in a little bit of a funk lately. Whether it is a lack of sun for the past month or that machine being gone still. I finally felt the need to sew!! Wanting to sew nothing big but just to sew. What? No idea just something.
I thought maybe pulling out some scraps might spark some inspiration. I just looked at them, nothing jumped out and said use me. While I had my scraps out I needed to put together  2 1/2'' WOF strips for my guilds Christmas fun. Hope whoever gets mine will be able to use them and likes them.

20 2 1/2'' strips
Those strips did help me find a quick fun easy project though. As a few of those strips are from fabrics I picked up when my guild went on our mystery tour in October. One of the shops we went to Heart'n Home included a free pattern in a gift bag they gave out. 

free table runner pattern

I wanted something small if I only made one snowman I would have an adorable snowman mini. YES! Perfect it checked all the boxes small, quick, easy. And while those scraps were all out anyway it was an easy matter to pull what I needed for this little guy. In a little over an hour I had him cut out, and stitched together. Next up quilting him, I used one of my older machines my Singer 15-91. Those swirls may not be perfect but they look good, texture wise at least.

swirls in the white, loop-de-loops in the green
I think he turned out rather cute if I don't say so myself. He finished up at a 10'' x 19'' mini. And what's a snowman without the snow. I am looking for some buttons for the front of him.

snowman in the snow

Potluck lunch today at my guilds meeting. I love potluck lunches they are hands down the best.
Well I'm off to have fun I hope you get to have a little fun yourself!

Saturday 1 December 2018

I did it Again

Another month slips by and I wonder where did it go, what if anything did I get done. Rest assured I have been busy doing a few things. First up a secret sewing project took up most of my attention and time, more about that in the new year. Wow talking about the new year already. Slow down I need to get through the rest of this year first, and there may be a big holiday in there too.

 No homemade gifts this year my wonderful  NOT machine is again in for repairs. I am ready to give up on it, I haven't trashed the company that makes it but that doesn't mean I don't want too. This is the seventh time in two years that it is in for repairs. I took it on Nov 5. and may get it back by the 15th of Dec. This is the machine I do my fmq on. I do have an older machine I'm using but with a small throat space and no extension table for it makes it hard to do fmq. I am beyond frustrated. It spends more time in for repairs than it is being used by me.

I need it to work properly so I can quilt it is what helps to relieve stress and brings a smile to my face.

 Progress is being made at least on one project. I have been putting my 150 Canadian women quilt blocks together, I only made 80 of the 150. But if I do say so myself it is coming together nicely. I am doing 10 rows of 8 and have 7 rows done.

Canadian women Blocks
A new ironing board cover was also made. I think it was past due! What do you think?

before on right after on left

A little retail therapy doesn't hurt at any time.

Winter Elegance from in The Beginning Fabrics, Collection for a Cause from Moda, and Fant-04 from Kona Bay Fabrics
These are from Stitch-It Central in London, On. Forgive the shadows, it is dull and grey out again, so indoor photos it it. The sun is hard to find lately.

Tonight we are off to see our local Santa parade. 

I hope your quilting is going smoother than mine.

Sunday 28 October 2018

A Sunday Reflection

I recently read a post by Kirsty Cleverly of Bonjour Quilts on the business side of pattern writing. I know some of you will think this is something that doesn't interest you. I found her article well written, not in your face telling why you should buy from a pattern designer but how it effects pattern designers. The behind the scene costs are all outlined for anyone to see.

I have purchased patterns in print and PDF.

a few of the print patterns I have purchased I have a lot more than these
I have even made some, see I don't just collect them. This summer I made myself a new handbag. The farm animal quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts you can read about here.

as you can tell I have been using my handbag

unfortunately I haven't made this one yet.
The above pattern Blue Skies & Sunny Days is from my friend Sandra of mmm!quilts

I have and will continue to support pattern designers even though the list of want to makes keeps getting longer. Oh the life of a quilter we are never done making quilts. There is always another one in line waiting to be made. 

I enjoy designing quilt patterns and have free ones and for sale patterns available in my Craftsy store.

a couple of my latest patterns available for sale

Did you read Kirtsy's blog post? I would love to read your comments on this.

Sunday 21 October 2018

Guild Fun Plus

I am sitting here staring at my screen trying to decide if I have anything to blog about. What have I been up to quilting wise? Well let's see. I went on a mystery shop hop with my guild, always fun. We car pool and in our vehicle we had a blast. All the laughing and sharing with like minded quilters a JOY. This year we were to wear a quilters hat hmmm. I had never heard of a quilters hat, time for a little creativity. First off I am not a hat person not a good way to start coming up with something. After thinking about it for awhile I thought to myself Now really how hard could this be? I decided on a fascinator, easy peasy right! I started with the following items head band, some felt, ribbon (in green of course), 1 1/2" quilting blocks, bobbin, thread, needles. First step cut two felt ovals, glue the headband between them. Add one 6 loop bow and embellish with the assorted items. Want to see? Of course you do.

now doesn't that just take your breathe away 

It is soooo lovely another picture is in order.

I will not be taking orders any time soon

We went to five quilt shops and had a lovely lunch in St. Jacobs at the Stone Crock.  We Started our shopping at  Undercover Quilts and More in Fergus We ended in New Hamburg with two shops, Heart'n Home Creations and Quilting by Design
The other ladies outdid themselves with their hats, now I wish I would have taken pictures but that didn't happen. We had one person who made a band box hat topped with a cardboard sewing machine, which she had coloured accordingly. We had one hat with ziplock bags hanging everywhere full of quilting tools, we had fabric wrapped hats. Well done ladies! One shop owner asked if we wore our hats to meetings, NO.

On Monday at my guild meeting we had a couple demos of paper piecing. Heather showed traditional paper piecing. You know the type sew through paper spend hours ripping all those papers out. I showed the freezer paper method, it is the only way I do paper piecing as I am most definitely not a fan of ripping out paper.
This is the block I showed them, hopefully some will show up in November with finished blocks.

a simple freezer paper pieced block
The black and white block is for our monthly block challenge, which was Septembers challenge. One of the requirements is that all blocks must be 10 1/2'' unfinshed, and in this case black and white other than that the sky's the limit. We use the blocks to make charity quilts, this year they will be going to Ronald MacDonald House in London and Victoria Quilts.

For not knowing what to write, I think I had more to share than I thought. Hope you are having fun too!

Thursday 4 October 2018

Where did September go?

I seem to have lost a whole month of blog writing. September came and went and it appears I went right along with it.

It is guild season and that means it's time for our annual BOM. This year I went for a little bit more of a modern look. Most of my guild members are more traditional quilters, but sometimes getting out of our comfort zone is good for our creative spirits.

2018 BOM for my quilt guild the Quaker Quilt Guild in Norwich, On

All that negative space to quilt as little or as much as we want. I may have gone overboard with the feathers, which I love adding to a quilt.

feathers and swirls
As Christina Cameli does in her Craftsy/Bluprint class Wild Quilting: Creative Free-Motion Combinations I added a showboat. A little affiliate ad here: You can enjoy Bluprint Get Started Event: Watch All Classes + Shows For Free (10/5-10/12). It is the center focal point with the crosshatching and is surrounded by feathers, swirls and pebbles. 

Want to see a closeup of a few of the blocks? Of course you do. Who doesn't like some eye candy?
ruler work and a few pebbles

straight lines, crosshatch and curved lines

simple stippling on this one I called it Twister
The background is Kona snow, the yellow is a Micheal Miller solid that I don't remember the name of nor did I bother to write it down when I bought it, silly me. The lighter print is a Northcott and the darker is I believe an Art Gallery, another silly me moment I removed the selvedge for someone who was collecting selvedges. For the backing I used a wideback from Connecting Threads. The batting is a Hobbs Heirloom Bleached Cotton Batting. I do prefer an 80/20 Hobbs but was looking for a white batting so I settled for the 100% cotton. 

a neat photo showing the blocks shadowing through the back 
This is a big part of what kept me busy, that and having my main machine in for repairs for the better part of the summer. It is back in again for repairs for the 5th time in a little over two years. I know totally UNREAL! 

Linking up to 

Tuesday 21 August 2018

A Bit of Improv

Disclosure: I don't do improv well, I like structured blocks. But let's give it a whirl and just see what happens. Maybe it will be a reject or a keeper. You be the judge.

I toss bits and pieces in small containers, you know just in case you need that one piece you just tossed. It was time to come up with a game plan to use some of them up. Improv piecing here I come.

box is starting to overflow

triangle cutoffs might as well use a few of them too

After a little sewing I had one 6 1/2'' block hmm not bad, I see possibilities.

those are blacks although they look washed out here
Might as well dive in and make another.

a little more grey in this one
Now what?? Put them on the design wall step back and let inspiration come forth. Look out here goes nothing or everything! 

adding blocks of black, some triangles and strips.... this actually might work
 Make units and more units and start joining them into something coherent.

starting to become interesting, but not quite feeling it
It needs something more at least I feel it does. Dig into more scraps and leftovers. Warning improv can be a little messy. It seems the piece I was sort of looking for, but didn't realize I was looking for them were at the bottom of the box. I didn't take a picture of the mess I made I was in full search mode. I don't work well in a mess and have since cleaned it up.

those blacks didn't photograph worth a darn.

The strips on the side were already sewn with the 3 pieces on a 45. They were leftover from a table runner I made years ago as a gift to a friend who has since passed away. Silly me I have no pictures of it at all and no idea who has it now.

This mini is 28'' by 21'', and is patiently waiting for me to quilt it. 

Now for the question is it a keeper?

An Unscheduled Break

I'm here *Waving wildly* I'm here. Wow it's been a month since my last post, I've been here just dealing with real life.
We took a much needed break and went up North to Killarney to visit our oldest son. It was a well needed time away. His place Avalon Eco Resort, is gorgeous and so peaceful.

looking across Tyson Lake at dusk

peaceful view from the deck

We went kayaking a few times. Enjoyed time with our youngest granddaughter, I had to get in lots of hugs to last until Christmas.

our northern  granddaughter, she loves being outside
I finally got my Pfaff machine back after being in for repairs, this time it was gone for more than 2 months. Unreal! The good news it seems to be working correctly for the first time since I bought it new.
I pulled out my Westalee ruler toe foot and rulers and gave it a bit of a workout. I think I should have made the swirls smaller but other than that I'm happy with it. Now what do I do with this piece?
ruler work and some fmqing

I hope you have been taking some time to enjoy life and the people who are important to you.

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Christmas in July Blog Hop

A quick and easy wall hanging bringing peace to the holidays. I like applique and this project includes applique. Thanks to Sarah of Confessions of a Fabric Addict for hosting the Christmas in July Blog Hop, I'm pleased to once again be participating. With the temperatures we've been experiencing a little Christmas in July is more than welcome to get us thinking of cooler temperatures. Of course a boost to our Christmas sewing is also always welcome.
 You won't want to miss any of the great ideas so make sure to visit all the blogs participating, the list is at the end of this post.

On to the project, a wall hanging. I started with 4 FQ's and some scraps for the lettering. I used my favourite applique technique Crafted Applique from BuzzinBumble. But you can use whatever your preferred method is.

hanging out with the zucchini

To start pick a FQ or a 16'' by 19'' piece for your background. Using your favourite applique method ie: Steam-a-Seam 2 or Heat'n'Bond or turned edge and hand stitched applique cut out the applique pieces. For the dove a 7 1/2'' by 14'' piece and the lettering a 7'' by 9''. I overlapped the lettering so it looks like script. Layer the dove with back wing, body and top wing oh don't forget to tuck the beak behind the body.

arrangement of the lettering and dove

I left 2'' on each side and 1 1/2'' on the top and bottom from the edges. Stitch the applique to background, I like using the blanket stitch and used Superior MonoPoly thread to stitch the dove and lettering. Trim this piece to 18'' by 15''.

1 1/4'' red border and a 3 1/2'' print border
Add a 1 1/4'' narrow border, red in my photo and a 3 1/2'' print border. 

Aurifil thread colours #5001, #1103 and #2021
For the quilting I went simple, as sometimes less is better. I quilted feathers in the wings, a few lines for the tail feathers, swirls in the outer border and straight lines radiating out from the center in the background.

feathers in the wings and straight lines from the center in the background add a bead or satin stitching for the eye
A quick and easy project to add to my Christmas decorations.

a look at the back

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop .

one last look

Make sure to stop by and visit the rest of the bloggers participating in the Christmas in July Blog Hop.

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Saturday 14 July 2018

12 Days of Christmas in July 2018 Blog Hop

Sarah at Confessions of Fabric Addict is hosting the 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop. And it starts today, July 14th and ends July 25th.  It's never to early to start thinking about handmade gifts and holiday decor.  Sarah has a great tutorial on her blog today!

Come back on July 21st to see what my Christmas project is. Last year's project was a pillow. You can read about it here.

2017 Christmas in July project

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Sunday 24 June 2018

Outside Stars a new Pattern

I would like to introduce you to 'Outside Stars' this is my second pattern to be released from this years #30quiltdesignchallenge. It is a paper pieced pattern. I love stars and as you can see this pattern forms two stars. Mr sun was not co-operating at all, two days of cloud and rain doesn't make for ideal photos.
hanging out with my hostas

This is the baby quilt size I started out with the intentions of making a lap size but real life changed my plans. I will be making the lap size as I love the look, can I say that about my own pattern.

The blocks are 15'' on point. I quilted straightish lines around the stars to make them pop.

straight lines to pop the stars
swirls in the red star centers

The gray fabrics are Northcott 'Canvas', the white is Kona, the black solid is also a Northcott. The red is a mottled red by Moda.
I quilted it with my favourite quilting thread Aurifil in the following colours #1103, #2605, #2024 and #2696.

Outside Stars is a paper pieced pattern and includes freezer paper instructions, which is my favourite way to paper piece. It comes in three sizes Baby 42'' by 42'', Lap 62'' by 84'' and Queen 84'' by 106''.

made by Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life

Wendy of Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life made this beautiful version of my pattern. Thanks Wendy for testing 'Outside Stars'.

You can purchase a pdf of 'Outside Stars' in my Craftsy store.

Friday 22 June 2018

Twist'n'Turn Published

 I am published!

my name in print!! photo by Quilters Connection 

My quilt 'Twist'n'Turn' is in issue #36 of Quilters Connection.

I haven't received my quilt back from the magazine yet. So here's the one I do have.

I won a gift certificate from The Red Hen Shop last year when I participated in the #30quiltdesignchallenge. Melody was fantastic and helped pull a bundle together. My challenge to myself when I won it was to use it and not stash it. After playing around in EQ7, Twist'n'Turn was born. And the rest is history as they say.

I hope the comment problem is fixed as I love comments. I followed a quick tut from Just Let Me Quilt.
We'll find out together whether it works or not.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Wish Upon a Star Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Wish Upon A Star blog hop hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.
Star Blocks are one of my favourite blocks. Carol has 44 people participating in this hop so sit back and enjoy some star studded blog reading. Thank you Carol for organizing this hop! A complete list of those participating can be found at the end of this post.
My project is a scrappy star block. As this is a scrappy project I will be giving the measurements of the pieces needed to make it and not an overall fabric amount. All seam allowances are a 1/4''.

Scrappy star block in my favourite colour

So here goes. We will be making the 16 patch center first, it is a simple 4 x 4 grid. Grab yourself (8) 2 1/2'' neutral squares and (8) 2 1/2'' coloured squares or colours of choice.

Step 1: Arrange your squares in a 4 x 4 grid. Starting on the top row place a neutral square and a coloured square right sides together, sew a 1/4'' along one side. Do not cut the thread, we are going to chain stitch the remaining sets of squares. Simply feed your sets through until all 8 are sewn together. Press to the dark side.
Now lay your first set on top of your second set right sides together and stitch. Press as above. Row one is done repeat for row 2, 3, and 4.
Lay row 1 and 2 right sides together, butting or locking seams together this helps keep the seams aligned, and stitch along the long edge. Repeat for row 3 and 4. Press seams to one side.
Lay the 2 completed sections right sides together and again lock seams and stitch along the long side.
Congrats you now have a scrappy 16 patch! It should measure 8 1/2'' by 8 1/2''.

16 patch 8 neutrals and 8 green squares

Step 2: Adding the corner triangles.
Cut (2) 7 1/8'' squares. Cut in half diagonally.
Cut (4) 3 1/2'' squares of a neutral fabric for the background. Draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner, on the wrong side of the 3 1/2'' neutral squares. Lay right sides together on the corners of the 7 1/8'' square sew on the diagonal line. If you draw another line 1/2'' away from previous line and sew on that line, then cut apart between sewn lines you will end up with a bonus HST. Flip and press.

1. Cut square in half diagonally. 2. Draw a diagonal line on wrong side of background square, lay right sides together in the corner of the triangle. Sew on drawn line. 3. Cut a 1/4'' from sewn line. 4. Flip and press.

Sew one triangle to each side of the 16 patch unit creating a square in a square, although this is not a traditional square in a square as the points are not a 1/4'', they are 5/8''. Trim to 12 1/2''.

Sew triangle units to 16 patch center

Step 3: Four at a time flying geese.
Cut (1) 7 1/4'' square.
Cut (4) 3 7/8'' squares of neutral fabric or background fabric. Draw a diagonal line, from corner to corner on the wrong side of the four neutral squares. With right sides together, pin two of the neutral squares on the opposite corners of the 7 1/4'' square. Sew a 1/4'' on both sides of drawn line. Cut apart on the drawn line, press toward the neutral squares. With right sides together lay the remaining 3 7/8'' neutral squares on the corner of the above units. Sew a 1/4'' on both sides of the diagonal line. Cut apart on the drawn line line. Press seam out. Trim to 3 1/2'' x 6 1/2''. You now have four perfect flying geese.

1. Lay two background squares on opposite corners draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. 2. stitch a 1/4'' seam on both sides of the drawn line. 3. Cut apart on drawn line 4. Lay a background square in corner, stitch on both sides of drawn line. 5. Cut apart on drawn line 6. Makes 4 flying geese.

Step 4: HST's
Cut (4) 4 3/8'' squares of your neutral fabric and (4) star point colour fabric.
Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the neutral fabric square. Place right sides together with the star point fabric. Sew a 1/4'' on both sides of the drawn line. Cut diagonally on drawn line. Press to side. Trim to 3 1/2''. Make 8.

1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of the background squares, stitch on both sides of the drawn line. 2. Cut apart. 3. Press open to dark side and trim.

Step 5: Cut (4) 3 1/2'' squares of neutral or background fabric.
Using 2 hst's and one flying goose stitch together. See diagram below. Make four.

Stitch together two hst's and one flying goose. Make four. Add a background square to the both ends of two of the above units.
Refer to my picture below for the layout of the center  and the flying geese units. Join using a 1/4'' seam allowance. Press and trim to 18 1/2'' x 18 1/2''.

I made a small cutting error, when I made my block. I used 3 3/4'' background pieces instead of the 3 1/2''. I guess it pays to read my own directions a little bit more carefully. Now when did I notice the error? Of course after I had the block finished. If you look at the picture of the block at the top of this post you can see my little error.
Now I ask should I fix it or leave it?

Here's the complete list of stars.

May 21

May 22

May 23

May 24

May 25