Sunday 28 October 2018

A Sunday Reflection

I recently read a post by Kirsty Cleverly of Bonjour Quilts on the business side of pattern writing. I know some of you will think this is something that doesn't interest you. I found her article well written, not in your face telling why you should buy from a pattern designer but how it effects pattern designers. The behind the scene costs are all outlined for anyone to see.

I have purchased patterns in print and PDF.

a few of the print patterns I have purchased I have a lot more than these
I have even made some, see I don't just collect them. This summer I made myself a new handbag. The farm animal quilt from Sew Fresh Quilts you can read about here.

as you can tell I have been using my handbag

unfortunately I haven't made this one yet.
The above pattern Blue Skies & Sunny Days is from my friend Sandra of mmm!quilts

I have and will continue to support pattern designers even though the list of want to makes keeps getting longer. Oh the life of a quilter we are never done making quilts. There is always another one in line waiting to be made. 

I enjoy designing quilt patterns and have free ones and for sale patterns available in my Craftsy store.

a couple of my latest patterns available for sale

Did you read Kirtsy's blog post? I would love to read your comments on this.


  1. Omg something has happened and I can comment on your post!! Fingers crossed whatever it was has righted itself and this time I did nothing! Thanks for the feature Cindy! I wish I had a dollar for every one of the 1500+ (yep two zeros) times my free patterns have been downloaded as compared to the two for sale lol. Very true, everything you’ve said and I feel strongly about supporting independent designers and not stealing because that is what it is. I’m off to read Kirsty’s post!

  2. It was a well written post. I might actually earn, after I pay all my bills and taxes for the year, about $10,000 this year. The only thing really missing from Kirsty's post is the connection between the two areas she discusses: she actually needs to sell more than she mentions to make a living wage because of all the fees and taxes to end up with the living wage.

  3. I think it's good to be reminded, or to learn, what goes into the whole process. It's easy to think it's just whip up the pattern and make money. If only it were that easy. I thought her article was well written and thoughful, while not being harsh. I appreciate all of you who design quilt patterns. I may design a few, but I don't sell them, yet. It interests me to hear about the process behind the scenes, because it makes me more aware while I'm learning the design process. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cindy.

  4. I read Kirsty's post as well, and I think she did a great job spelling out what is involved in running a pattern business. As you know, producing a clear, accurate, well-written pattern involves so much more than just making a quilt. I definitely appreciate everyone who buys my patterns instead of reverse engineering them from a picture, and I return the favour when I see something I want to make. I can't understand those who will spend hundreds on fabric for a quilt but balk at the small price of the pattern.

  5. It was a great read. Definitely makes you think a little differently.

  6. I read Kirsty's post and found it very enlightening. I love following her and have several of her patterns for sale in my shop. It is great to truly understand the what happens in the background so we can see how designers need to be supported! I have bought many patterns and unfortunately haven't made all of them - but I love having them available when I am trying to decide what to make next.

  7. PS - I just clicked through to your Craftsy patterns. Wow! You have so many and they are lovely. I hope to use one of yours as well. Really nice!

  8. Cindy, I love your patterns. Recently the pink and green quilt that Wendy made based on your pattern was just spectacular. I am sure that is a glorious feeling.


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