Sunday 21 October 2018

Guild Fun Plus

I am sitting here staring at my screen trying to decide if I have anything to blog about. What have I been up to quilting wise? Well let's see. I went on a mystery shop hop with my guild, always fun. We car pool and in our vehicle we had a blast. All the laughing and sharing with like minded quilters a JOY. This year we were to wear a quilters hat hmmm. I had never heard of a quilters hat, time for a little creativity. First off I am not a hat person not a good way to start coming up with something. After thinking about it for awhile I thought to myself Now really how hard could this be? I decided on a fascinator, easy peasy right! I started with the following items head band, some felt, ribbon (in green of course), 1 1/2" quilting blocks, bobbin, thread, needles. First step cut two felt ovals, glue the headband between them. Add one 6 loop bow and embellish with the assorted items. Want to see? Of course you do.

now doesn't that just take your breathe away 

It is soooo lovely another picture is in order.

I will not be taking orders any time soon

We went to five quilt shops and had a lovely lunch in St. Jacobs at the Stone Crock.  We Started our shopping at  Undercover Quilts and More in Fergus We ended in New Hamburg with two shops, Heart'n Home Creations and Quilting by Design
The other ladies outdid themselves with their hats, now I wish I would have taken pictures but that didn't happen. We had one person who made a band box hat topped with a cardboard sewing machine, which she had coloured accordingly. We had one hat with ziplock bags hanging everywhere full of quilting tools, we had fabric wrapped hats. Well done ladies! One shop owner asked if we wore our hats to meetings, NO.

On Monday at my guild meeting we had a couple demos of paper piecing. Heather showed traditional paper piecing. You know the type sew through paper spend hours ripping all those papers out. I showed the freezer paper method, it is the only way I do paper piecing as I am most definitely not a fan of ripping out paper.
This is the block I showed them, hopefully some will show up in November with finished blocks.

a simple freezer paper pieced block
The black and white block is for our monthly block challenge, which was Septembers challenge. One of the requirements is that all blocks must be 10 1/2'' unfinshed, and in this case black and white other than that the sky's the limit. We use the blocks to make charity quilts, this year they will be going to Ronald MacDonald House in London and Victoria Quilts.

For not knowing what to write, I think I had more to share than I thought. Hope you are having fun too!


  1. Your fascinator is perfect, and it sounds like a truly lovely day!

  2. That's a fascinating fascinator, but I sure would've liked to see you wearing it! :-) All in all, it sounds like a wonderful time with friend and fabric!

  3. I'm with Wendy, hoping to see a pic of you in your fascinating fascinator! Great idea btw. I hate hats too, and probably would not have participated, or made a hat bracelet, lol. I'm with you on the paper-piecing without sewing through the paper, but I don't even use freezer paper, just regular and a bit of glue stick dab to hold the main piece! So far for your pattern I'm on my second set of templates, which is pretty amazing for how many times they've been used, and how many trees I've saved. :-)

  4. Maurine I'm glad to see you're blogging g again,I sure do miss you!

  5. Love the hat! I wouldn't have known where to start :)

  6. There is ALWAYS something to post about, right??? LOVE your hat. As with the others, I would love to see it on you! IF you ever tire of quilting, you certainly have another career ahead of you as a milliner!

  7. What a fun day! I wish you had taken photos of the hats, too. Next time, right?


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