Monday 10 December 2018

Snowman Mini

I seem to be in a little bit of a funk lately. Whether it is a lack of sun for the past month or that machine being gone still. I finally felt the need to sew!! Wanting to sew nothing big but just to sew. What? No idea just something.
I thought maybe pulling out some scraps might spark some inspiration. I just looked at them, nothing jumped out and said use me. While I had my scraps out I needed to put together  2 1/2'' WOF strips for my guilds Christmas fun. Hope whoever gets mine will be able to use them and likes them.

20 2 1/2'' strips
Those strips did help me find a quick fun easy project though. As a few of those strips are from fabrics I picked up when my guild went on our mystery tour in October. One of the shops we went to Heart'n Home included a free pattern in a gift bag they gave out. 

free table runner pattern

I wanted something small if I only made one snowman I would have an adorable snowman mini. YES! Perfect it checked all the boxes small, quick, easy. And while those scraps were all out anyway it was an easy matter to pull what I needed for this little guy. In a little over an hour I had him cut out, and stitched together. Next up quilting him, I used one of my older machines my Singer 15-91. Those swirls may not be perfect but they look good, texture wise at least.

swirls in the white, loop-de-loops in the green
I think he turned out rather cute if I don't say so myself. He finished up at a 10'' x 19'' mini. And what's a snowman without the snow. I am looking for some buttons for the front of him.

snowman in the snow

Potluck lunch today at my guilds meeting. I love potluck lunches they are hands down the best.
Well I'm off to have fun I hope you get to have a little fun yourself!


  1. Your snowman turned out very cute, and some buttons will finish him nicely. And he looks at home in all that snow!

  2. He is a cute little snowman Cindy. I love his crooked smile and his fancy hat!. I hope you have fun at the potluck and I hope you get out of the funk. It has been so grey this year so it's taking an extra effort to remain positive and motivated.

  3. This guy is so adorable Cindy! I was sure I'd commented because I did read your post in my email the swirls you quilted on him are perfect! Love the green in there, of course! Bet you're loving the green Christmas and New Year we're having too right?! I know I am.


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