Sunday 16 June 2019

Stash Additions

I'm working on a couple projects that I can't show you. But that didn't stop me from adding to my stash, this after I was going to try and use more of my stash. Temptation. All I can say is I caved.

First up from Quilt Junction in Waterford. They were having a 40% off sale of batiks.

Northcott batiks, the back piece is 3 meters

Next up four one yard pieces at $9 a yard. I just couldn't resist. These are from Caroline Quilts, she was a vendor at my guild's quilt show last weekend. 

from left to right a Northcott 'Simply Neutral', 'Sandscapes' also from Northcott, 'Modern Love also a Northcott and last is 'Fusions Garden by Robert Kaufman
These last ones are also from Caroline Quilts. She calls these 'candy' They are end cuts in various sizes, they were $1 each.

love the owls
The owl piece sorry no info on the selvedge is 16'' x 21''. The green and purple piece is 12'' x 22'' and is Hamilton Grove by Sue Beevers. The multi colour drops is Songbird and is 11'' x 21''. The pink print is 8'' x 42'' and is Bloom Crazy. The two neutrals are both 11'' x 21''. 

After these additions I'm now back to my self imposed ( we all see how well that's going so far) NO new fabric purchases unless it's for secret sewing.


  1. Lucky you ! There’s no such thing as a fabric fast. You might as well enjoy them because you might not get another chance. Have fun using them.

  2. One can always try not to cave to fabric acquisition, but there's always that first fabric you see that you just need to have and it's all downhill from there. I know this so well, friends have dubbed me their "shopping sista". Hahaha. Best name I've ever been given! You snagged some great pieces though. That owl fabric is darling!

  3. Quilt Junction is my favourite quilt shop although I only get there about once a year. You got some nice fabrics. Carolines is quite close to where I live so we go there often to buy quit backs for our donation quilts....although lately the local Len's Mill has had some great sales so we are picking up more there.

  4. TWO secrets projects!! Good for you! Lovely additions and wow can't beat those prices!

  5. Gorgeous fabric at a great price. That is a win-win in my book!!!


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