Sunday 15 September 2019

Guild BOM 2019

It's one of my favourite seasons 'guild season'. My guild had there first meeting of the year on Monday Sept 9th. I look forward to catching up with fellow members and seeing what they've made over the summer.
It is also the time I introduce the new BOM for the year, this is the fifth year I have designed the BOM. My guild is more traditional than modern and as such more members join in making the BOM if it is a more traditional setting.

2019-20 BOM
This years quilt I made in my favourite I picked up the greens from Caroline Quilts when she was a vendor at our quilt show in June. They are mostly Northcotts you can read about them here.

A few closeups of some of the blocks and the quilting.

 some feathers in this block
straight lines and curves

swirls and  a loop with echoing out

I tried not to overthink my quilting and just had fun
The following are the previous BOM's I have designed for my guild.

2015 the first design was a medallion style quilt my oldest son has this one
 2015 my first BOM design for my guild, read more about it here.

2016 in preparation of Canada's 150th birthday, applique
2016 was a wall hanging with applique, you can read more about it here.

2017 on point with Irish chain alternate blocks
 2017 saw a more traditional style set on point, you can read more here.

2018 saw more of a modern setting
2018 I designed more of a modern setting, you can read more about it here.

Do you like making BOM's?


  1. First of all, thank you for showing us the four previous years’ quilts! For some reason I don’t remember 2018 and man I love it! It’s also good to see 2016 to remind myself I need to get that done. This year’s is beautiful; your guild is very lucky to have you. The quilting, Cindy is just exquisite as always. Thank you for the close-ups.

  2. Beautiful green quilt! Very nice quilts that you have made and designed! Lucky Guild Members

  3. What fun to have a little mini quilt show sitting here on my lap(top). Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts!

  4. All truly pretty quilts. I especially love the green one, as green is also my favorite color.

  5. Love the checkerboard border! Thanks for sharing the previous years' quilts.

  6. So many gorgeous blocks, Cindy!!! I have participated in BOMs. They are a mixed bag. You know I like some blocks more than others. I am actually enjoying the Rainbow Scrap Challenge which is like a BOM but I choose the blocks. Yes, I am a control freak:-) Have a great weekend!!!


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