Wednesday 4 March 2020

Inventory Quilt Project

Have you heard of the Inventory Quilt Project being hosted by Just Wanna Quilt? The idea is to use one piece of each fabric in your stash to make a quilt to show your stash all in one quilt. You can use fabrics in one colour, for example or maybe the more the merrier version. I'm the more the merrier kind a gal with my project.

 I am one of the featured designers and my turn to showcase my project and pattern is today March 4th.

The pattern I'm using is called 'Flipping Out'. I know strange name right. Here's how it came about I was in a stare down competition with my bonus HSTs and wondering what in the world was I going to do with all of them. Well I can tell you I didn't win the stare down as they seemed to multiply right before my very eyes. I was ready to flip out. Enough already I needed to deal with them and NOW. And that is how a new pattern began.

I have a substantial amount of green and also pink. 5 granddaughters account for all the pink.
If you want to use Flipping Out for your inventory quilt, pick up the PDF pattern in my Etsy store. It is on the introductory sale price of $8 CDN. Pick it up today and join me as I continue to work on mine.
Thank you to Robin Sue for testing this pattern and the editing.
Flipping out uses FQ's or scraps or yardage

If you want to take part in the Inventory Quilt project sew along, there's a Facebook group you can join and you can also use the hashtag #inventoryquilt on Instgram.

Will you be sewing along? If so, will you use every single fabric in your stash, or every fabric in a single colour, or some other variation?

And just for fun let's have a giveaway of one of my patterns for all those who participate using 'Flipping Out'.

Now to get back to playing with my stash let the fun begin!


  1. What a great use for your bonus HSTs; congratulations on the new pattern! I look forward to seeing what you create with your stash.

  2. When I see fabric in the store or online, I am so tempted that I forget all about the lovely fabric I already have. Maybe, I need an inventory quilt and then take pictures of it and have it like a handy guide akin to paint chips for color reference. Same with jewelry. I need to catalog my pieces.
    Flipping Out is a great idea.

  3. I'm sitting here, thinking about what an inventory quilt would look like for me. The thought overwhelms me a bit! This quilt is so fun. I'm always amazed at how the simple HST can make so many creative designs!

  4. Great pattern to use up bonus HSTs and scrap fabrics. Congratulations on the new pattern.

  5. I did LOL at “I was in a stare down competition with my bonus HSTs”
    Also I’m with Wendy and Preeti same sentiments exactly especially Wendy-the thought of a quilt with a piece of every fabric in my stash?! 25 years of quilting here! Terrific new pattern too!

  6. Very cute quilt for an inventory. I love how you came up with the design and the name!


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