Saturday 7 March 2020

Give it Away Challenge

Time for number 5 of  Project Quilting hosted by Kim of Persimon Dreams.
Kim thinks that 'quilters are a generous lot' and that we give from the heart without thinking of financial reward when we give.
The purpose for this challenge is simple 'Give it Away'. Whether to another person an organization or charity. I knew instantly who was going to be the recipent of my project.

If you read my post from Put a Heart on it  you know I had a friend who was in hospice. She has since passed away I am also friends with her older sister, we are both quilters and have a love of flowers. An idea for what what I was going to make blossomed.

printed on EQ printables
I played around in my graphics program with the fonts to get an arrangement of lettering I liked. Each line is a different font. I printed it using EQ printable fabric, I have used it in the past with good results. I stitched a cotton print to make it large enough to add the flowers, as the EQ fabric is stiffer until washed. Plus I wasn't sure how fusing the flowers to it would work.

For the flowers I used Steam-A-Seam 2 lite and cut out a variety of floral fabrics to get a pleasing arrangement. I love my Karen Kay Buckley scissors when doing fine detail cutting. 

I tried tea dying the EQ printable side but it didn't work the way I wanted.
I then used Superior's Mono-Poly invisible thread and the buttonhole stitch to stitch the flowers on after fusing them. My friends favourite colour is blue. I did a little bit of thread sketching on the flowers.

a selection of threads I used for thread sketching and fmqing
I free motion quilted the floral side with bubbles and swirls. I echoed around the wording. 
I do like art quilting and enjoyed making this one. I hope my friend likes it to. 

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  1. What a lovely gift for your friend; I'm sure she will appreciate it. The quilting brings it to life.

  2. So pretty! I’m sure she’ll love it. How creative.

  3. That's a lovely gift. I'm sure she'll love it. I think I need to try that EQ printable fabric.

  4. Such a wonderful and sweet gift. Your friend will cherish this. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

  5. I've never done any fabric printing. Thanks for posting that link to the product you used! Sorry to hear that you lost your friend. What a wonderful gift for her sister!

  6. What a precious gift with so many wonderful details.


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