Wednesday 28 June 2017

Nature plus

This is the view I enjoyed for the past week. Beautiful north country!

Tyson Lake in Killarney
 My oldest son recently purchased a place in Killarney it backs onto Tyson Lake, and a visit was definitely in order. This is nature at it's best. Peaceful and breathtaking beauty.

setting sun
Not only did we want to visit our son but also our granddaughter. They grow so fast, we hadn't seen her in a month. She is just over 3 months old, and rolled over for the first time while we were there. Ohh seeing the little things makes for one happy grandma!

smiling at grandpa

This little guy was so curious he would come out of the bush and walk along the side of the road before darting back in. 

a curious little fox

Getting back to sewing has been a little slow since getting home. But it was nice to get away and just enjoy what mother nature offers. 

Anja's has been testing  my new pattern

A sneak peak of my newest pattern. I am looking for a pattern tester if you are interested send me an email or leave a comment.


  1. Awesome. This place seems much lovely where I would like to go and have some good time with friends and family. Thanks for sharing this one nature.

  2. That looks beautiful and I really love that you were able to see and photograph the fox! How wonderful to be there when rolling over happened for the first time; such a wonderful milestone to get to see in person. Welcome home and I hope you find a good rhythm again soon.

  3. That looks so beautiful . For a moment I thought you were in Ireland ! There's a Killarney there too and it's beautiful as well . That was a lovely moment to spend with your granddaughter. And good luck with the pattern !

  4. Those views are just breath taking. I'm not sure I would have been able to leave, especially that sweet little doll :) I can't wait to see your newest pattern!

  5. What a beautiful view. I hope you had a great visit with that adorable granddaughter.

  6. So much excitement in one post - beautiful views, an adorable grand baby and a new pattern in the works!!! You sure know how to make the most of everything!!!

  7. Sent you an email about testing the pattern. Beautiful place to recharge!


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