Saturday 17 June 2017

Medallion Quilt Month 6

The block this month is the Pinwheel Block. The Pinwheel block is a traditional quilt block with history dating it back to around 1795. The pinwheel block gave a little more flare to quilts at the time it was introduced.

This is a 12 1/2'' unfinished or 12'' finished block.

All seams are 1/4''

Dark fabric: A 4- 4'' x 4''
Medium Fabric: B 4- 4'' x 4''

Background Fabric: C 8- 4'' x 4''  

Step 1:

1. On the back of all piece C's draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. See diagram !a.
2. Place the square on top of piece B. Sew a 1/4'' seam on both sides of the line. See diagram 1b.
3. Cut on drawn line. See diagram 1c.
4. Press HST's to dark side.
5. Trim the HST's to 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2''
6. Make 8.

diagram 1

Step 2

1. Repeat Step 1 using pieces A and C.
2. Make 8.

Step 3

1. Sew HST's see diagram 2.
2. Make 2 of each colour.

diagram 2

Step 4

1. Sew units together to make rows.
2. Sew rows together to make block.

I would love to see any of the blocks you have made, you can post to Instagram using  #stitchinathomemedallion2017 


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