Thursday 9 March 2017

Meadow Mystery Quilted

My Meadow Mystery quilt is finished all nicely quilted and bound. You can read more about the design from Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs and my addition of the borders on my blog post here.

The fence the quilt is hanging on came down yesterday during the very windy day we had. We had no power for most of the afternoon as trees came down on lines knocking out the power.
I do all my quilting on my domestic machine a Pfaff. I had been having trouble with it skipping stitches and breaking thread.  After it went back in for repair it came back working correctly. That may have led to the amount of FMQing I did on this quilt.

Some closeups of the stitching.

figure 8's ruler work and loop de loop 

feathered heart, curls and more ruler work

some curls and loops

The back shows off  the quilting better. I used a Cori Dantini by Blend for the backing.

the back shows off all the stitching

back two

back three

tree shot before the wind 

I used Aurifil thread as that is what my machine prefers for FMQing. When doing regular sewing I can use any number of different brands with no problems. I am just happy that my machine is working beautifully now.

Have you quilted today?


  1. Congrats on this finish, Cindy!! I am still in love with what you did with the borders. So much quilting yumminess on this one.

  2. Wow! Turned out beautiful! I think I commented on your post about the borders that I might borrow the idea for my quilt to make it more rectangular.
    I love most mystery quilt alongs, but especially Cheryl's!

  3. I adore the quilting on this Cindy! So many different designs and they all work beautifully together. Congrats on a wonderful finish!

  4. The quilting is beautiful, Cindy! I really like how you added the borders to extend the quilt, too. It is so beautiful, congratulations on the finish!

  5. There is nothing more frustrating than a machine that has fits and starts, so I am SO glad you have it back up to snuff now! The quilting you did on your mystery is just incredibly beautiful Cindy! Love the back shots that lets us truly appreciate all the work you did. Love the tree shot ;-) and I heard about that WIND!!

  6. Cindy this is absolutely beautiful and as always I am in awe of your quilting.

  7. Love your finished version. I really like the borders you added, they really mirror the center of the quilt and tie it all together.

  8. Already loved your quilt when you showed your additional strips. But did you do some amazing FMQ. I can't believe you could do it on a domestic machine. Awesome!

  9. This is so pretty. Your quilting is beautiful!

  10. Nice! I really like your borders! So glad your machine is feeling better too!

  11. Amazing quilting. I'm still trying to figure out how to quilt mine...always the hardest part of the process.

  12. It's beautiful and your quilting is impressive!


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