Saturday 18 March 2017

Medallion Quilt Month 3

Now that you've got those lovely centers made. You do RIGHT?  If you missed the first two months no problem just look under the Medallion BOM tab.  It's time to start making the blocks. Up first is a variation on the Friendship Star.

friendship star variation

This is a 12 1/2'' unfinished or 12'' finished block.

All seams allowances are 1/4''.


Dark fabric:    A  6-  2'' x 3 1/2'' 
                       F   2-  2'' x 12 1/2''
Medium fabrics:  B   2-  4'' x 4''
                            C   1- 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2''  
Background Fabric: D  2- 4'' x 4''  
                                 E  4- 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2'' 

Step 1:

1. On the back of both piece D draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. See diagram 1a.
2. Place the square on top of piece B. Sew a 1/4'' seam on both sides of the line. See diagram 1b.
3. Cut on drawn line. See diagram 1c.
4. Press HST's open to dark side.
5. Trim the HST's to 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2''
6. Make 4.

diagram 1

Step 2:

1. Sew E to A right sides together, pressing toward the sashing strip. See diagram 2.
2. Sew EA units to one of the HST's, see diagram 2.

diagram 2

Step 3:

1.  Sew two of the HST's with C with two A's, see diagram 3a.
2.  Sew one HST and two E's with two A's, see diagram 3b.

diagram 3

Step 4:

1. Sew the two long sashing strips to the rows as per diagram 4.
2. Press and trim to 12 1/2'' x 12 1/2''.

diagram 4
Remember to have fun and to post to Instagram using #stitchinathomemedallion2017 


  1. It's been great following along, but sadly, I never did get started. Maybe later in the year -- there was so much going on. Not. Enough. Hours.


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