Sunday 19 June 2016

'Pinky' is Finished

The free motion quilting woos are still not resolved. You can read about them here. My machine has been sent to the hospital for adjustments and fine tuning, No word how long the stay will be, but oh boy do I miss her. I am going to be getting myself a 1/4 inch foot for my older Singer. She doesn't have a computer, doesn't do any fancy stitches but she does sew.

She needs a good cleaning and then she'll be ready to purrr along

Now back to Pinky and one or two make that a lot of photos. With all my FMQ struggles I didn't do as much ruler work as I had planned. Good thing I occasionally fly by the seat of my pants, as I threw out the plan and just went with what the quilt wanted. Ready for some pictures? Here goes.

straight line ruler work and some big e's and l's

I did some straight line ruler work in the HST's and centre of the block. In the pink strips I did e's and l's. I have discovered that pink is almost as hard to get good photos of as red. I played with all kinds of settings and editing.
curved line ruler work

This block was quick to do. A little curved line ruler work in the centre and loop de loops in the background. 
wavy line ruler work in the plus piece
It is harder to see the ruler work in this block I just did a wavy line a 1/4 inch in on the plus piece. Some feathers and line work without a ruler complete the block.

I like how this block turned out

More ruler work in centre square and also the white around it. I seem to be on a feather craze lately.

the connector block
The small curls in the white really don't show on this photo.  The back doesn't show real well either. Trust me they look good though.

back of the irish chain block

I took a least a dozen photos of the back but the stitching doesn't show up to well on the backing fabric I used. The backing is by Benartex 108'' wide backing called Tonal Vineyard. This is the first time I have used a wide backing, I will probably use one again it all just depends on what the quilt wants pieced or wide.

quilted and binding done.

I like how the connector irish chain blocks frame each block.

hearts and more feathers

I quilted in hearts on both corners on the top and bottom of the quilt. In the heart I did crosshatch ruler work. And lots of feather plumes in the borders.

applique using the 'Crafted Applique method

For the applique I used Lara of BuzzinBumble  'Crafted Applique' method you can read more about it here. In all there are 80 little hearts, 16 flowers and 160 inches of bias vine in the borders.

too big to get a full shot of the top
The sun was trying to shine through the quilt. Being height challenged takes a little more work to try and good a good place to hang the top and get a good picture of it.

hanging in the tree

Just had to have at least one tree shot. I know that 'Pinky' will be giving my granddaughter lots of quilty hugs and love every night she snuggles under her.

This quilt after washing finished up at 68'' by 89 1/2''. A good size for her bed.

Now I need to concentrate on what I am going to be adding to Julie of Pink Doxies centre block for the 2016 Mini Round Robin.

Julie's center block

I have a few ideas just need to settle on one.

That's what I've been busy doing the last couple weeks. What have you been up to?


  1. Pinky is gorgeous. Your freemotion and ruler work turned out beautifully. I'm struggling with the rulers. Sigh.

  2. I am sorry to hear that your FMQing woes were not resolved, and I hope the "hospital" is able to figure out what is wrong. The quilting on Pinky did turn out really well, though, and I am sure your granddaughter is going to love it so much. I have stopped thinking about wide quilt backings as much because they don't tend to show off the quilting (and I love how quilting looks on a solid backing), but then I just remembered that there are even some solid wide quilt backings. I'll try to remember that for myself!

  3. No one would guess the troubles you had with your new sewing machine. Cindy, your granddaughter's Pinky quilt is a masterpiece! Did you give it to her yet? She must be tickled pink! (arr arr) I love how much you varied what you FMQed in each area of the quilt. My favorite touch is how you paired your cross hatched hearts with feathers in the corners. Beautiful work!

  4. Pinky is beautiful!! A cranky machine cannot hold you back, my friend. Despite all of the challenges along the way, you kicked butt! I'm sure your granddaughter will love it even more now and show it off to everyone. Again, just beautiful.

  5. Pinky is just gorgeous!! What's not to love about anyhing pink? The quilting is phenomenal! WOW!! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you. I would have loved to reply to you via email. However you are a no reply blogger.

  6. That is a very pretty quilt!! It looks like it took a long time to make.

  7. Beautiful! Pinky looks so snuggly and comfy. I am sure your granddaughter will just love it and cherish it for years and years. Great job on the quilting.

  8. That is one gorgeous quilt! You've done a great job quilting it. Too bad your favorite baby it sick - hope it's not too serious. And I too, have a tough time photographing pink. For some reason the camera makes it scream neon. Ugh.
    Thanks for linking up at Midweek Makers

  9. Oh this quilt is me some pink! And your quilting is inspiring! Hope your machine is on the mend and back home soon!

  10. What a darling quilt. I know your grand-daughter will have many sweet dreams under it.


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