Sunday 26 June 2016

Guild BOM

I designed the BOM for my guild for the 2015-16 year. This was month we got to see the tops that the participating members finished. You can read more about the design here and my finished quilt here.

my finished version of the BOM

Not everyone participated but those that did I think enjoyed doing the BOM and liked their respective finished versions.  At least I think they did. I was definitely looking forward to seeing their results. The varied colours gave each quilt its own personality.

Want to see some? I know you do, so here goes.

she used all scraps and was undecided on the borders.
all blues 

blues and browns

she fussy cut the borders and sashing

greys and yellows using FQ's

love the purple sashing

a nice mix 

this one was quilted and bound

she added on point four patches to make the quilt longer

I loved them one and all and I admit to feeling pretty proud. 
This was our last meeting of the year, we take the summer off and our next meeting isn't until September. That means I have a couple months to design our next BOM. At this point I'm not sure what to even start designing. Any ideas? 

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I have Julie's block done and ready to go to Sandra for the Mini Round Robin. Look for the post coming on June 30th to see what idea I settled on.

Have a fun filled Sunday!

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  1. How awesome to get to see how all the different people finished the BOM. I always love to see a pattern in different colorways, and it's neat when people put their own touches on like extending borders, too. Good luck coming up with the next BOM design. :)

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the variety of the quilts here too Cindy and what a great design you put together! Also, kudos to you for agreeing to do it all over again next year! Your own version is sure pretty and I bet a certain granddaughter who loves pink love that quilt too! Good thing I broke my no-computer on Sunday rule and popped in as I have to talk to you about when we should post our Mini Round Robin progress!

  3. How rewarding for you to see all of the many color combinations and varieties (like adding the on point four patch). Congratulations on a beautiful design - thank you for sharing the many photos with us.

  4. Thanks for sharing everyone's versions of you BOM. They all turned out great. Have you ever thought about hosting the BOM on your blog as well?


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