Monday 27 June 2016

Mini Round Robin June Reveal

It is reveal day for the Mini Round Robin!!!! All four of us have finished adding the first round to the centre blocks that were mailed to us. We had till the end of June to add our touch to them and we all had them done early. You can read about the centre blocks and rules here.  Julie sent me her block. My block went to Sandra. Sandra's to Tish and Tish's went to Julie. Go take a look at their blocks, I'll wait for you to get back.

Julie's block
This is Julie's block and my starting point. I wasn't sure what I was going to add. Time to audition some potential ideas. I have a container that I keep bits and pieces of things in. The container has things like HST's in various sizes, four patch, HRT's, strip set pieces, flying geese and etc. You get the idea. Right?

audition take #1
First up strip sets and HST's. Nope! Not doing a thing for me. Back to the container and pull out some more stuff potential good ideas.

audition take #2

I saw a winner in take #2. Did you see one you liked? Now how to take that idea that was floating around in my mind and add it to Julie's block.

more auditioning

You saw that half rectangle triangle in the lower part of take #2, that was going to be my starting point.  I knew I wanted to frame Julie's block but didn't want to do a traditional square in a square look .I made three more HRT's , they were 3 1/2'' by 6 1/2'', trying to pull the colours from the centre block and keep things cohesive. Next up was adding the 3 1/2 '' squares that were needed to make this work. Out came my container of scrap squares. Another winner is found. I sewed a 3 1/2'' square to each HRT.

y seam starting point

To make this work I was going to have to make a dreaded y-seam. I placed a dot a 1/4'' from the corner. The red arrow is pointing to the starting dot. The stitching starts exactly at the dot leaving the 1/4'' from the corner unsewn. The other three sides can then be sewn on in the typical manor of edge to edge until you reach the starting point.

coming to the final seam
When you reach the final side keep the first seam folded back so you don't catch it in your seam, sew off the end. Flip the first piece over and sew from the dot to the edge. A successful y-seam.

finish sewing the first side from the dot to corner

Hopefully the pictures helped explain how to do a y-seam better than my muddled wording.

Now for the reveal. I bet you want to see how my idea looks? 

the big reveal
I like it and I hope Julie does too. This was fun and a little scary at the same time. But I'm glad we are doing the round robin. I can't wait to see what addition Sandra made to 'Oops'.

I will be adding the direct links to the posts with the rest of the round robin reveals, as they become live. 

Julie of Pink Doxies
Sandra of mmm!Quilts

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  1. I think your addition works so well, and I like the bit of movement the HRTs give it. This is fun to watch progress. :)

  2. Well poop, my comment went into the ether...I said something like this: I cannot believe what a stellar job you did on Julie's block, that could have gone any way. The addition of the HRTs with the tumbling squares give this such movement (as I now see Yvonne also said). It looks like this was the plan all along, so you truly created cohesiveness here! Was Julie's block stitched onto batting?? If so, how in the world did you manage to sew your round on, and so perfectly??!

  3. Yes, I do like it! It's outstanding! I gave you a mishmash of just color really, and you added cohesiveness with the green, and motion with the arms. Thank you, Cindy.

    I, too, had to do some Y-seaming with Tish's block to keep using her same seaming methods. Thankfully I'm midway on a larger piece that has lots of them, so I was in practice. You did well here. So on to Round #2 or #3 depending on how you see it.

    Btw, I love what everyone's done so far. Not an ugly one in the bunch, as we say around here. ; )

  4. Cindy, this is amazing! I absolutely love what you've done. I'm not sure I would have thought of the HRT's. I'm just squealing with excitement and it's not even my block :)

  5. You've created a wonderful looking block from Julie's center. Congrats on pulling magic out of your bins! :) I haven't attempted a Y seam day I will!

  6. Wonderful. I enjoy reading along your mini round robin adventure =)

  7. Oh I think your added round is just perfect - it brings a lot of movement in and work so well with the centre block.

  8. You put a really great "spin" on Julie's block Cindy. It's intriguing to read about the process you used and how you worked out what to do. Your round turned out wonderfully!

  9. Like it very much. The tiny flower on the right in the central block makes it look like a gift with a ribbon on top!!!

  10. Block quilts have a particular type of quality, unlike any other quilt.


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