Tuesday 15 March 2016

Fun Day!

My guild put on a workshop by Joyce O'Connell. I love workshops who doesn't, they are always so much fun. And this one was no exception. The workshop she was doing  was  “I WANT TO MAKE AN ART QUILT – BUT I CANNOT DRAW”. It is a turned edge applique technique using the Appliquick Rods. I found a you-tube video that shows how to use them. Although I love you-tube for lots of things, nothing beats hands on from an experienced instructor. She had us use a medium weight fusible interfacing and Fons and Porters glue pens.

The image was supplied by Joyce and is copyright protected. We traced the image onto the fusible then marked registration marks for aiding in putting all the pieces back together correctly in the proper place. A few pieces were cut and turned at a time, that was more than enough as it would be was easy to mix up the pieces.

progress this is the back of the small head pieced

This took until noon to get this far, as there may have been some chatting and shenanigans going on. This is why I like workshops the camaraderie of other quilters sharing quilt and life tales, helps us forget our own problems and just simply relax and enjoy. Of course we also learn something new either from the class instructor or each other. I am glad I took this workshop and learned a new to me technique.

small head
By the end of a seven hour day I did get the head finished, lots more to do though on this piece. But oh boy the ideas that this technique opens up are swirling around. Now just to work on one at a time with no squirrels anywhere in sight is my newest goal. Someone, she knows who she is has been sending me squirrels and I am trying a little unsuccessfully to ignore them. We'll see how well that goes. I may just have started a new piece of my own, I'm just saying.

The following is a picture of one of Joyce's finished pieces she brought to class.

Joyce's finished piece

Have you had the opportunity to go to a workshop? If so I hope you had a good experience and learned something new.


  1. It sounds like a great workshop; learning something in person is much different than online. Good luck resisting those squirrels, LOL.

  2. What a great workshop. I haven't done any for a long time as I haven't found any that have inspired me unfortunately. THis one I would take though given a chance

  3. Just the title of that workshop would have drawn me to it Cindy. It sounds like you had a wonderful time - just what you needed! The art applique' looks really cool! I've only taken one quilting class at a local shop - Cynthia England Paper Piecing. The instructor was great but the handful of other quilters seemed to view it as a competition and were not conversationalists.
    Good luck sorting out the squirrels!

  4. Someone..who burst out laughing and then coughing at reading that line...loves this piece! Yes, workshops are always so educational, and social. I have always, and I mean always, learned at least one new thing or got a new tip from no matter what workshop I have taken. You are so right that the hands-on aspect cannot be replicated by YouTube, much as I, too, love it. And, having taken a Cratsy class with Angela Walters and then a class in person with her, much as I love Craftsy, nope, live Angela talking to me, (well, okay, and the rest of the class, lol) Craftsy cannot duplicate. Funny but this is the second in as many days similar technique for appliqué! Did you see Julie's post?

  5. I have been so busy chasing those squirrels that I have not made it to any workshop so far. Maybe this summer. I am overdue for one. Thank you for the inspiration. Look forward to your finished piece.

  6. Wow, that is so cool. I would love to take a class from her. Thanks for sharing.


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