Sunday 27 March 2016

WIP and new Machine

A beautiful sunny Easter Day! Hope everyone is having a great Easter. We had our family Easter dinner last week as our youngest son has to work this weekend.
Today the hubster and I are enjoying the weather with just a little bit of yard work and a walk.

Oh yes she's here! I have my new machine doesn't she look good sitting on my table. She sews so nice, and I am slowly learning how to use her. She has a bit of a learning curve to her, but the biggest thing is the pressure foot lifter is either by knee lift or a button which I already like. I keep reaching for the leaver to lift the foot, old habits might take awhile to break.  Haven't tried any fmqing on her yet, as I'm anxiously awaiting the sew steady table I ordered for her, hopefully it comes this week.

my new baby, she sews so pretty. Those little stick it notes are squirrels.

I have been trying to finish a project up before my next guild meeting. We had some people ask how to do a watercolour project. Somehow I am in charge of organizing the program and I don't even remember volunteering...hmmm. Wonder how that happened. I am auditioning some appliques to add to my piece. 

auditioning applique
The flower is a keeper love that red batik. However the hummingbird needs some major help, the back wing is all wrong. I am going to use the batik on the bottom left corner for some leaves. It does have some potential, just requires a little more work.

I may work on this some more today or maybe I'll watch one of my Craftsy classes, like Wild Quilting or an Angela Walters class.

 Craftsy( an affliate link) is saying a sweet farewell to National Craft Month by offering you the chance to get any online class for $19.99! Check out all the classes on sale before the offer ends on Monday.

However you spend your day have a great one!


  1. HAPPY dancin' for you Cindy!! Woot! Woot! It's been a looong time coming, and so I am so glad to meet your new baby girl. Knee lift! LOVE. One of the things that sold me on my Bernina. The watercolour is looking fabulous, and with a little tweaking you mention here and there (the wing didn't bother me btw) it will be perfect. Funny how we get volun-told to do things huh?! You'll be awesome at the project for your guild. ;-)

  2. Happy Easter (a bit belated) Cindy!
    Congratulations on a new machine you will love! A knee lift presser foot - LOL I'd be pressing it all the time to make the machine run, because of being used to the knee lever on my vintage machines.
    Love the look of your watercolor quilt and think your flower and hummingbird design is coming along nicely. I'm chuckling about Sandra's comment regarding being "volun-told".
    Keep enjoying these lovely Spring days!

  3. The new machine is sooo pretty. It took me forever to get use to the presser foot button. I could get behind a knee lift. How do you like it? The water color quilt looks great. Man, wish I could be there for the demonstration.


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