Wednesday 29 July 2015

Little sewing

My oldest son bought a small sewing machine at a yard sale for $2. He thought his 9 year old daughter could use it. She has taken an interest in helping grandma sew. I have let her sew on my machine at different times and she enjoyed it. A budding quilter in the making.
So back to the $2 find. He brings it to my place sets it on the table and says ' here don't know if it works, but when A is at your place she can sew with you'.

$2 machine

I had never seen a machine like this one. I took it out of the box and was surprised to see all the parts and even a manual. It was in excellent condition.

Machine and manual

Now the big question would it stitch and how good would those stitches be. I took a look at the feed dogs and bobbin case area. It was clean, the feed dogs are plastic but in really good condition. Now to  open the manual to find out how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine. So far so good, bobbin wound and machine threaded. Now the scary part, would it sew. I grabbed a scrap piece of fabric and held my breathe. It worked I just needed to adjust the tension.

granddaughters sewing
The biggest test of all, how would it hold up to my granddaughters using it. I pulled out a box of scraps and they dug in pulling out various colours. A huge success, two granddaughters happily sewing. I couldn't believe it they spent a couple hours just stitching away. 


The stitches are pretty darn good on this little beauty. Lining up of edges will come later, it is just so nice to be able to share some of my passion for quilting with these two precious girls.

Do you have a special someone to share your passion with?


  1. I have been sharing my time with two children recently who are learning to sew, and it is a lot of fun to be around their excitement and enthusiasm. What a neat machine for your granddaughters!

  2. I've tried to get my daughter interested in sewing, but sadly she is in her teenage years and this does not interest her at all. I'm hopeful she may come around eventually. I accept that I am her mom and quite possibly the most uncool person in the's my job :) My mom worked in a sewing factory when I was young so she associates sewing as work and not relaxing. Oddly enough, she bought me my first machine. So, I turn to all of you talented ladies to share my passion with.

  3. Gem was never interested in sewing when she was younger. Her attitude was why should she need to do it when I could do it for her. Now she's into Cos Play and pinches my machine to make her costumes. She's still not interested in quilting. She loves the quilts I make her and asks me to make for her friends. She's just not interested in making them herself.

  4. My daughter shows a polite interest and we make things together from time to time , usually a tote bag . My sister knits and my sons partner knits and sews so all well there . After many years my husband has started to be interested in family history , yeah !

  5. Earlier this year I helped my 9 year old daughter make a quilted pillow for a student textiles competition. Now she says she wants to make a big, BIG quilt so that's wonderful! My 7 year old son has also made a quilt block and is keen to try some more. Now I just need to find some extra time in the day...!

  6. Aww, this post just makes me grin! What a fabulous purchase. And to see the looks on their faces and know how proud and happy grandma is. My Brady asked me to teach him to knit last time I was visiting. So I got him to do a few stitches and he thought that was pretty cool. Jacques Plante was a knitter. :-)

  7. What a great story to share with us. It's amazing that the little $2 machine works so well. My kid's aren't interested in sewing, although at some point I might sew with my daughter in law. My special people I sew with are my two friends who I met through the local quilt guild.

  8. Darling, darling granddaughters Cindy, and you can't bet those happy smiles! Your son snagged a great deal and this seems like the perfect machine to play on. You are making beautiful memories as well!

  9. Where can I buy a replacement bobbin cover for this sewing machine

  10. Would you happen to still have the manual? I’m desperate. I found the exact sewing machine at Value Village and I’m not certain if the bobbin is placed wrong, if something else is missing as the threads are not intertwining or if something is broke as I have no manual (nothing available online either) to check . Any and all help would be appreciated.

    1. Comment above (re:manual) from Tanya M.L. Em is

    2. did anyone get the manual for this machine


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