Sunday 19 July 2015

What's Blooming today.

I love gardening as much as quilting and thought I would share a few garden photos with you today.
First up are some of my daylilies. I got some of them from here and here. I have a lot more than these four, but they were the ones blooming so nicely this morning.

An Asian lily and one of my many Hostas.

Lily and Hosta

A mini Hosta, it is less than 1 1/2'' tall and about 3 to 4 inches across.

Mini Hosta

A moon flower. These bloom at night, when the sun hits them they close up. They are drought resistant and seed themselves for the next years growing season. They bloom all summer long.

Moon Flower

Balloon Flowers also known as Chinese Bellflower. An easy to grow perennial.

Balloon Flower

Gerbera Daisy, this one is 3 years old. I bring it in for the winter before first frost and once the frost danger is over in the spring I take it outside for the summer. The blooms on this one are big, they are about 6 inches across.

Gerbera Daisy

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of what I get to see everyday in my backyard. 


  1. Lovely! Your daylilies look a lot like mine. I love that purple balloon flower, so pretty.

  2. Great blooms. I love gardening as much as quilting too. I love your mini Hosta. I have one but it's called Mouse Ears. It's a blue/green leafed variety

  3. Your yard must be gorgeous! My lilies have just finished blooming and we're moving into black-eyed susan season. I tried ballon flowers but they were just too attractive to the marauding rabbits :(

  4. Beautiful flowers in your garden Cindy. I'm going to plant several day lilies in my garden here in Oxfordshire, because they're so bullet proof and the garden has to take care of itself for months at a time while I'm in Vancouver. Such grateful plants. :D

  5. Beautiful blooms! Gardening is another form of creating - my Mum says she could never make a quilt but she has created a beautiful garden. Do the colours in your garden inspire your quilt making?

  6. Oh how I love the inspiration in your garden!! I am going to send this link to my mum, an avid gardener, who will love seeing your photos. I've been seeing some gorgeous daylilies much like yours around here, just incredible dual colours! That gerbera literally GLOWS and that's on the computer screen; it must be even more vibrant in person. And the mini hosta! Love. :-)


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