Sunday 7 March 2021

My Crazy Tulip Patch

This week's Project QUILTING challenge is You're Crazy, which is inspired by the late 1800s “crazy quilt” movement.

I am not into crazy quilting at all. Plus a couple years ago I cleaned out fabric that I was no longer interested in ie: velvet. So my take on the crazy quilting challenge has a more modern feel to it. 
I first made a small crazy patch using my scraps of quilting cotton.

my rotrary cutting mat is not in the best of shape as you can see in this picture, this is my second one and I will not buy another of this brand

I drew out a tulip on freezer paper and cut out my tulips.
one pink tulip

If one tulip was good then why not three and each a different colour. I pulled out my Sulky threads to do the machine stitches on them.

three different tulips, I used some of the stitches on my machine for embellishment on my tulips.

The leaves and stems were cut from some extra fabric that I had prepped for an earlier project using the 'Crafted Applique' method. I keep the extra pieces between sheets of wax paper and use them when I need a quick piece. I didn't have enough of the darker green and thought what the heck a little variety in my leaves would be fine.
the back shows the quilting nicely. 

I quilted the background with small loop de loops as I didn't want the quilting to steal from the tulips themselves.
Without further ado let me introduce you to 'My Crazy Tulip Patch'.

I consider this an art piece

Spring is on its way and soon the tulips will be up and blooming. 


  1. Great interpretation of the prompt! I, too, only really have quilting cotton on hand (other than old shorts and jeans cut up to repair newer items as my husband wears through them), so this really appeals to me. And has me wishing for spring; it's so close!

  2. What an unexpected use of your crazy pieced blocks, Cindy. LOVE it!!

  3. What a lovely project, Cindy. Your crazy tulips are so pretty and Springlike. Perfect for this challenge!

  4. Your crazy tulips are so pretty and I find them so inspiring to use up some smaller scraps to make some of my own! I have used Lara's "Crafted Applique" technique too and really love how it works. I sometimes wonder how she's doing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art piece and giving me new ideas!

  5. I like using my left-over cotton scraps to do crazy patchwork. Your tulips look just great. The different fabrics gives each bloom depth and the way you stitched the fabrics together gives realistic petal shapes too. Very clever and very attractive :-)

  6. When I saw this on Instagram I was smitten, so clever! Later I saw that Kim had also done a similar crazy quilt idea, so you two were clearly, unbeknownst to each other on the same wavelength - great minds! I love it. I, too, keep extra crafted appliqué pieces between wax paper for future use, and I like the two greens effect.

  7. Beautiful interpretation of the prompt. LOVE IT! and I agree, it is an art piece!

  8. love this! I chose to do something like this too and it makes me happy! Your tulips are beautiful - the crazy quilting adds dimension!

  9. What a wonderfully inspirational post. I do not do crazy quilting with all the embroidery but the tulips make from pieces of fabric and cut into tulips are genius.
    Makes me want to make one. Your photos and explanation would make is easy to accomplish.

  10. I love your cray tulpis! It's fun to see a prompt interpreted in a new way. I also like the different green. I think they add a little bit of dimension. Great idea to save the crafted applique scraps between waxed paper. I'll remember that for next time.


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