Sunday 15 December 2019

A Little Christmas Gift Sewing

First up some Barbie doll clothes. One of my granddaughters is not too happy with her dad. She cleaned up her bedroom and put her doll clothes collection in a bag unbeknownst to her dad, who you may have already guessed what happened next. He put the bag in the trash. They were some big tears and angry words. So what's a grandma to do but help replace some of her collection and she could use everything including footwear.

Now let me tell you sewing Barbie clothes is not my idea of fun. They are so small turning those seams hmm..

this is the bodice of a sundress Small darts and tiny seams

This is the collection so far I'm finishing up a few more. I am NOT sewing footwear! A grandma has to draw the line somewhere and after sewing those clothes I'm at the end. That's it ... at least for now. If anyone wants to test their sewing abilities and sanity, just google Barbie clothes. Have fun!

that red and white polka dress has a facing turning those shoulders was more than enough to test the patience of anyone
On to bigger things, Zip and Go bags. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I have previously made one for myself and one for my daughter. 

these are both Northcott fabrics.
The pattern is for a 7 1/2'' x 9 1/2'' finished bag as the bags were going to an eleven and nine-year-old I decided to adjust the pattern more to a size appropriate to their size. I am sorry but as this is not my pattern I won't be telling you what size I finished them at. 

My guild held our Christmas potluck which is always good. Sorry never even thought about photos. The program for the meeting was about making reusable shopping and produce bags. We also had a $5 gift exchange with the gift to be in keeping with the theme of a reusable gift bag.

what sewing gift is complete without chocolate

I made a petit four basket a free pattern from The little basket sewed up quick. Besides the chocolates, I added a pack of self-threading needles and a candy cane. In all honesty, I was over the $5 limit, but the recipient liked her gift. And that made me happy.

That wraps up my little gifts. I hope you've had time to make a little or big gift this holiday season.


  1. I'm with you on the Barbie clothes, and I figure by the time I'm a grandmother (if ever), I'll be too old to sew any. The idea that my grandmother not only made boodles of Barbie clothes, but also knit sweaters for them, boggles my mind. So kuddos to you, for tackling those clothes for your granddaughter. Those pixie baskets are fun to make, and are great presents! You've been busy!

  2. Cudo’s for making those tiny tiny clothes. I would have bought some! LOL

  3. You're the second person I know who's been making Barbie clothes. I can't even imagine. I'm sure your granddaughter appreciates it.

  4. I am in awe of anyone who can sew Barbie clothes! A simple dress for a baby doll defeated me, so I'm not even thinking about anything Barbie sized! I'm sure the bags will also be much appreciated.

  5. That is one thing I miss about my Alberta guild was the annual Christmas party. It was always such fun. Adorable gift you made! Adorable too are the Barbie clothes, egad, I recall those 1/8" turned twice seams - love my turning foot a bought for sewing kids' clothes that I used on a few Barbie outfits. Not a good reason for your poor granddaughter to need more clothes though too; I can totally see why she'd be so distraught. You are a wonderful grandma to help her out. :-) Oh, and those bags are super too!


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