Sunday 3 November 2019

Starting November

October came and went not sure where it went but it's gone. I did a little sewing not much as real life put a hold on my sewing and quilting.

My guild  makes challenge blocks for our comfort quilt program. The challenge for October was Halloween.

I googled Halloween designs as I wanted something cute and not scary. I may have gotten lost in Pinterest for awhile and thought about a making a quilt for Halloween for myself. Next year maybe. I choose a paper pieced pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein of an adorable Sunbonnet Sue witch.

Halloween Trick or Treat Sue

More on the guild front I am doing a demo/class on rulerwork for domestic machines. Fortunately I have a few samples laying around from when I first started using rulers. They are not perfect but a good start.

a couple sample pieces
Do you do ruler work on your domestic machine?


  1. She is the cutest non-scary witch ever.

  2. That's a darling little block! I haven't done any ruler work on my machine because I don't have the proper foot for it (yet). Hmm. Maybe I should put that on my Christmas list. Hope life is settling for you a bit more and that you can sneak in some fun sewing!

  3. Well once again, seeing a cute or beautiful quilt on IG and then on the laptop gives me that extra AHHH. I love your little witch. As for being lost (so been there) and apparently making a Halloween quilt, been there too, am there right now, and you should join me! Mine is more a Fall or Thanksgiving quilt that I'm apparently making in my own private QAL ha! I see you're published again woot woot! Off to download my copy of MM!

  4. She couldn't be scary if she tried! She's adorable.

  5. Lost in Pinterest??? Oh that never happens to me :-p
    But you found a jewel in Trick or Treat Sue. She is adorable :-)


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