Saturday 22 December 2018

Craftsy is Making Changes...And What it Means to You

All designers who have a Craftsy pattern store, received email notification of a change in the Craftsy marketplace. I am one of the designers whose Craftsy shop will remain, however not all my patterns may remain. Only Craftsy knows what patterns will remain available after December 28, 2018. Also, I can't add any new patterns to Craftsy until sometime in 2019.

The patterns you have purchased from me will still be available in YOUR Craftsy account library after December 28, 2018. I would recommend downloading the patterns to your computer just to be safe (if you have not already).

All patterns on Craftsy will remain available for sale (unless the designer deletes them) for the next week. If you’ve been eyeing any pattern on Craftsy, now is your last chance to go grab it.

I heard and read comments on social media about this fiasco and so many are saying that they won't support Craftsy anymore. I get it BUT I still have MY shop there, so if people are going to boycott then I have no more business and I have no idea where I will sell my patterns or host free patterns at this time.

PLEASE, please don't stop supporting the few designers who didn't get the boot by Craftsy. My only complaint is that this is happening at Christmas and with only a weeks notice. I'd rather be enjoying family time than worrying about what I'm going to do.

As my way of saying thanks for supporting me let's have a draw for a free pattern of your choice from my store! Leave a comment with the name of your favourite pattern and I'll do a random draw on December 28, 2018.

two of my latest patterns

Thank you for all your support and help over the last few years. Merry Christmas!!


  1. Craftsy has actually been making some really skewed moves this past year. I am sorry for all the designers out there that will be affected. Big business rules; that's why I support small entrepreneurs. Hang in there!

  2. Well said. Stitchin at home is a really interesting design, I'd love to create with.

  3. I love your mod bear paw pattern, which I plan on doing at some point. Thanks for all your creative patterns. Theresa

  4. I don't think many buyers will turn their backs on Craftsy because of this unexpected and clumsily handled change for sellers.Don't panic :-)

  5. I'm staying with Craftsy and the designers, I wish none of them get bumped. You are all so gracious to share your talent and knowledge with us could I possibly give that up?!?
    My favorite of all your pattern is Lattice. I love that you did it in the greens, so refreshing.

  6. I love Craftsy, I've purchased lots of classes and patterns since I discovered it.

    I do believe though, that it is time for a clean out. Over that last 12 months or so, when I search for patterns, I find many that are not designed by the shop owner- ie the pattern is a digital copy from an old magazine etc. This irritates me as it clogs up searching and makes it harder to find genuine designers.

    I do hope that genuine designers have nothing to fear and that its only the copywrite infringers that will be closed down.

  7. Oops, forgot to mention-

    I'm just looking through my favourites to see which ones I will buy now, just in case they disappear.

    And I just looked at one 'designer' who has 940 patterns on Craftsy. It wasn't hard to find them, I searched for a general type of pattern and there was a listing on the first page. I believe this type of shop owner is hurting other Craftsy designers by clogging up search, and selling 'cheap' patterns they didn't design.

  8. I'm sure the uncertainty is stressful, not knowing what patterns will be kept. Outside Stars is my favourite.

  9. I don't think what Craftsy has done and the way they have done it without any explanation why is despicable. I won't dump Craftsy as I have purchased a couple of classes and hope that I can still access them after all this fiasco is over. I am glad you didn't get the bump, but I do feel sorry for those who did.

    My favorite pattern is Outside Stars.

  10. I buy tons of fabric on Craftsy, but I am very disappointed in how they handled this with the designers, I hope that whatever they are doing in 2019 will be great for the designers and customers. We can have hope.

    My favorite pattern is your - Block of the Month 2018 Sampler Quilt Pattern.

    Thank you for the free patterns, I am starting your Medallion Quilt today.


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