Wednesday 18 April 2018

30 Quilt Design Challenge 2018

Sandra of mmmquilts hosted the #30quiltdesignchallenge2018 over on Instagram. I participated last year and had fun so I was all in this year.

Only one drawback now I have more want to makes on my to make list. I don't think that list will ever be done even if I live to be 200. You read that right, 200. It is one heck of a long list.
block testing using up some scraps

I haven't made a full quilt from any of the designs yet, but have written up three patterns and they waiting to be tested. Interested let me know. I won't share what those patterns are yet, you'll have to wait.

This was a good week I received some squishy mail, my favourite kind. A gift from Anja of Anja Quilts, she had made some pea pods and I commented how cute they were. See how adorable it is! Thank you Anja!

one adorable pea pod for my clover mini clips

Now where was I? Oh that's right, my post on 30 Quilt designs.

4 of my last designs

Here are a few of them. See one you like?

A huge thank you to Sandra for hosting the challenge and to the sponsors Clinton Modern Creative and The Red Hen Shop.

Now to get busy making test blocks and making quilts.


  1. Oh, I get you! I have enough patterns drawn that I think I could spend the year just making my own designs (hmm, that sounds a bit fun, yes?). I'd be happy to test for you, if you'd like.

  2. You are so welcome and thank you for joining in again!What Wendy said is so true! You’ve made some beauties for sure Cindy; I wish I had more time to test for you. That Anja is a sweetheart to send you that little peapod!

  3. You have some great designs. Unfortunately, I only managed one design. Hoping to do better next year.

  4. Those 30 quilt design ideas are great! I hope you do make some of them. If I had more time, I'd offer to pattern test but gosh, I'll have to live at least as long as you just to complete my own list that keeps getting added to, too.

  5. That sounds like a challenge, but I bet it was fun. They're all nice, but I like the top left one the best. Is there a tutorial you would recommend to help one learn to write out a pattern?


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