Friday 2 February 2018

An Oldie Throwback Thursday

For throwback Thursday which is being hosted by Sandra of mmmquilts, I pulled an oldie. I made this either in 1999 or 2000, no label as at that time I had no idea how important a label was and the information that could be garnered from one.

first paper piecing project

This was my first foray into paper piecing. I remember that Carol Doak was the queen of paper piecing at the time. I was surprised that I still had the book that this one came from. There were a lot of firsts in this one including machine quilting.

wrinkles aplenty just out of the cupboard
I liked matchy points even then and paper piecing does a good job of accomplishing them. Fast forward to today I strive for those matchy matchy points and am successful about 90% of the time.

first time fmqing

I shudder now when I see how bad my first FMQing was. We all have to learn somewhere and sometime so this is also a gentle reminder as to how far I've come in my fmqing skills. All it takes is a little practice.

those poor swirls!

a crisp morning snow picture

As with any firsts this little 40'' x 40'' will always hold a place in my heart. I really should have tossed it in the dryer to relax those wrinkles.


  1. Wow, you picked a doozy for your first paper piecing project. But that’s what’s so neat about paper piecing, isn’t it? You can do complex projects with confidence. It’s good to have early FMQ projects to look back on. I think the wobbles are endearing, and they are always crinkly cozy.

  2. I have a Carol Doak PP book too! I agree with Janine on you picking a doozie for a first time project, but WOW did you ever do a beautiful job Cindy! I noticed those points oh MY! Just like I marvelled at and still marvel every day because it's by my cutting table/ironing station, your points on our round robin we did a couple summers ago. Pish-posh on the FMQ! I did not notice it at all, just the texture, looks great. Better we have these early attempts to show us how far we have come, as you say, and glad we jumped in and got both feet wet, rather than never trying or always sending stuff out for quilting right? Thanks so much for linking up this beauty at TBT!

  3. That is so pretty - love the colors in it! Nice, too, for you to be able to see your progress as a quilter!

  4. How awesome to still have your first paper piecing quilt! As for your FMQing, we do all have to start somewhere and it is awesome to see how you have grown as a quilter.

  5. Never mind how far you say you have come, I think this is perfect . Nor am easy one for your first paper piecing . I think I have a carol doak book somewhere too

  6. I really, really love seeing my first endeavors in free-motion quilting. It's so poignant to look back at, isn't it? This was quite a first-time paper piecing project! You did a really great job on it. Now: Are you making a label to add to the quilt? :) I'm going to do labels for my Jan & Feb Throwback Thursday quilts as soon as I have one more quilt finished to fill the gap on the printer-fabric sheet.

  7. You jumped in with both feet for paper piecing! My very first quilt used paper pieced blocks from one of Carol's books. There is good info in those books! Love the glimpse of your early FMQ. I'm still much too hesitant about my FMQ skills. I should follow your lead and practice more.


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