Saturday 21 October 2017

Medallion Quilt Month 10

This months block is the Depression Block and is a traditional block from the early 1930's. In the 1930's the block would have been made from scraps. It is made using only hst's.

Depression block

This is a 12 1/2'' unfinished or 12'' finished block.

All seams allowances are 1/4''


Dark fabric:   A   4-  4'' x 4''
Medium Fabric: B   4-  4'' x 4''
Background Fabric: C  8- 4'' x 4''

Step 1:

1. On the back of two piece C's draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. See diagram 1a.
2.  Place the square on top of piece B. Sew a 1/4'' seam on both sides of the line. See diagram 1b.
3. Cut on drawn line. See diagram 1c.
4. Press HST's to the dark side.
5. Trim the HST's to 3 1/2'' x 3 1/2''
6. Make 8.

diagram 1

Step 2:

1. Repeat Step 1 using pieces A and C.
2. Make 8.

Step 3:

1. Sew together HST units in a row see diagram 2 below.
2. Sew rows together to make block.
3. Press in direction of arrows.

diagram 2

I hope everyone is having fun making their blocks. I would love to see any of the blocks you have made, you can post to Instagram using #stitchinathomemedallion2017 


  1. I love hst and I love a modern block which comes from a historical background

  2. HSTs are so versatile. You can make anything from them. Thank you for sharing the tutorial, Cindy.

  3. As Preeti says HSTs are so versatile (think she's got some serious playing with those puppies going on as I type ha). It will be fun to see this quilt complete; seems bizarre that there are only 2 months left to this year, like how did that happen?


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