Wednesday 31 August 2016

Mini Round Robin Reveal # 3

The final round is to Sandra of mmm!quilts block. You can read about the Round Robin here and here and here.

With Julie and Tish's additions

The more I looked at the block I knew I wanted to play with the square in a square that Sandra had started with, but how to. That was what I was having trouble with. I drew up a design in my graphics program and just played. Once I started the design just seemed to come together. The square in a square was done in blue pulling the blue from what Sandra had started with. The star points were a play on Tish's friendship stars that she had added and the purple points in the corners pulled out the purple that Julie added.

design drawn in my graphics program
Now I was ready for a fabric pull. I didn't have any background fabric in my stash that I liked so I was forced to go to my LQS, well okay maybe not forced. I found the perfect background fabric and I may or may not have gotten a few other things while there.

fabric pull

The background fabric is Rustic Weave by Moda, the purple is a Northcott, the blue is a batik and the green no idea it was a fat quarter with no selvedge.
Next step how in the world was I going to make the border, I knew the measurements as I can set a grid in my graphics program. Okay measurements are all well and good the green was easy a 4'' x 4'' cut on the diagonal. It was the blue that was a problem, it wasn't quite a triangle. Lightbulb moment here, I could make a template. The background was another easy one 6 1/2'' square cut on both diagonals. Time to start constructing.

background pieces added to the blue sorta triangle shape with the green added next

The purple points up next I knew how I was going to handle them, yup another template. The sides were a stitch and flip to the corner of a background piece.

stitch and flip corner and points

Oh yes I liked what I was seeing. I only needed my stitch ripper a few times but it wouldn't be sewing without using it. 

borders complete

An outdoor shot shows the colours better.

natural light shows the colours better

One of Sandra's favourite photo shoots is in a tree, I like tree shots too. The sun and with the piece being a mini getting that shot was hard.

tree shot

I hope Sandra likes what I added. 

I have enjoyed being a part of this round robin. It has pushed my creativity and challenged me. From time to time as quilters we need to step out of our comfort zones. Would I do it again? Yes!! I believe all four of us did an outstanding job on each round we added. We learnt more about each other and we all took into consideration the likes and dislikes of each other. 

I will add the direct links to the posts with the rest of the reveals as they become live.

Sandra of mmm!quilts
Julie of Pink Doxies


  1. Your addition looks wonderful!

  2. Fantastic Cindy . It looked good before but your point border really pulls the whole thing together

  3. Your last border pulled everything together beautifully! Well done! I'm sure Sandra will love it.

  4. That border is perfect on this! I love how there is a secondary design, of the square in a square on point - well done! Thanks for sharing this on Midweek Makers

  5. I DO I DO I DO ID OID OD I DO...oops, see I got so excited I messed up the I DO! but I left it so you get the idea. This WAS fun and this last round has been the hardest for me, and ahem, I'm still working on it...Tish told me you'd posted so I had to come here and see. THANK YOU!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it Cindy. So glad you pulled the square in a square idea together in original block to final round. They each have that don't they: Tish is a square in half-squares to make a star (my favourite block), Julie's has square in a square in the corners and now yours is the original square in a square on point WITH the star element from you are a genius woman. :-) And in a TREE!!! you know me rather well. :-) :-)

  6. What you've done with the final round is soooooo impressive Cindy! Both in the design and the color choices and the actual sewing. Fabulous work!!! I really love what it did for the whole quilt!

  7. This is a fabulous way to finish out Sandra's quilt, Cindy! It is beautiful. I know Sandra will appreciate your outdoor photos, too. :)

  8. A great final round Cindy. Love the colours and how you tied all the rounds together with your design.

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  10. That border is absolutely the perfect addition. Outstanding! I love it and am looking forward to seeing the other finished mini's. :)

  11. Cindy this is absolutely AMAZING!!! I just keep scrolling up and staring in awe and what you have created. Julie's round gave our eyes a place to rest, but your round perfectly ties my and Sandra's rounds together. This whole process of creating in this style just blows my mind. I can't believe we are already finished.

  12. Your work is lovely! I love the colors of this quilt.

  13. Cindy, I'm just sitting here with my mouth open...I love it! I get so impressed seeing you working digitally before setting fabric to design, and envy that skill. I would never have attempted this from a hand drawn design as I do because of the complexity. It sparkles!

  14. Really like this final round - it frames it so well and gives it the wow factor too!

  15. That really gives the whole quilt a punch! Nice work!!

  16. Sooo very pretty ♥

  17. I love what you have done to this quilt. I have really enjoyed seeing the progress of each of these - such a great little group you have going here!

  18. Great setting for that final round! I love Round Robin quilts!

  19. Cindy, your addition made the quilt an absolute stunner!!! Just saw Sandra's quilt on her blog and had to come here to write my appreciation to you.


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