Wednesday 25 May 2016

No Reply Bloggers

I am amazed at the number of no reply bloggers I've had in the ongoing giveaway of 'Crafted Applique'. You can see my projects here and still enter the giveaway.

I like to reply to any comments I receive. I think it helps to interact with you who have taken the time to leave a comment and also it just seems rude not to reply.
BUT, if you're a no-reply blogger, it doesn't allow me to respond to your comment via email because your email address isn't listed, when I hit reply it instead sends to this email address: Unfortunately most bloggers that are no-reply bloggers, don't even realize it. Are you one?

Here is a screen shot of what I see when I try to reply to a no reply blogger.


See how when I hit reply next to her name it has ( I have no way of contacting her if she won or engaging her in a friendly conversation. So sad!

Are you a no reply blogger if so PLEASE take the time to fix this. I did a google search and found this site, she explains how to fix it.

no reply blogger

This is my neighbors cat. Every time I step out the door this kitty greets me, she loves to have her tummy rubbed. Now I understand why she is a noreply blogger. And I hope that if you are a noreply blogger that you won't be one for much longer.


  1. Sadly, the no-reply blogger status is the default status of anyone setting up a google account, which is required by blogger blogs (another google product). I actually maintained a page, with a list of all names that were no-reply on my blog comments, over a few years and spent a lot of time working with some, to walk them thru the steps. But, this was one of several reasons why I left blogger and migrated to wordpress.


  2. I had to permanently unlink my blogger blog from google+ I would take the appropriate steps to fix the no-reply blogger issue and it would work find for a month. Then I would get an email from Sandra letting me know that (for no good reason) I switched to no-reply again. Ever since I disconnected them I have had no problems.

  3. Cindy, that's my favorite go-to tutorial for fixing the no-reply problem. I read that it's happening to more and more people now, so maybe that's why we've seen so many in the giveaway comments. Plus, what Tish just wrote (comment above mine) has been happening to lots of people. Blogger can sometimes be a pain in the patootie.


I love comments, however if you don't get a reply back from me it is because you may be a no-reply blogger. Hope you have a great day!