Sunday 24 January 2016

Grandkids Tablet Covers

A few of my grandchildren got tablets for Christmas and I offered to make carrying cases for them. I called upon Mr. Google, and we spent some time together finding a pattern. I settled on this one from Fresh Lemons. Printed out the instructions and started to gather the supplies to work on them. The pattern didn't have a handle and I figured it would be easier for the younger ones to carry with a handle. During the Christmas break grandpa and I took them to one of my local quilt shops. I let them pick out the fabrics they wanted. I did avoid buying fabric for me, of course that's not to say the temptation wasn't there, that's for another trip later on. You all know how that works.
Fabric choices
The deer fabric is what my 8 year old grandson wanted. My 2 and 1/2 year old is into dinosaurs, I think that pattern is adorable. My 5 year old granddaughter is into pink, but she really liked the party fabric which surprised me, so we paired hers with pink. 
I decided to try Bosal In-R-Form instead of batting. I had never worked with this product before, it is not as giving as batting but gave the covers a nice shape and I think more protection for the tablets.

Bosal stabilizer

I made my handles for the covers the same as I do when making bags. I started with a 4 inch by 16 inch strip of fabric and a 2 inch strip of fusible interfacing.

handle strips

Press the fabric strip in half wrong sides together. Center the fusible strip in the middle of the fabric strip and fuse in place.

fused strip

Press each long side of the strip to the center. Then press in half encasing the raw edges.
pressing sides to center of strip

Top stitch the edge of the handle and down the middle. I placed the handle 3/4 of an inch in from the side of the cover back. Baste in place. Hard to see the handle as it blends right in with the fabric for the back.

3/4 of an inch from the side edge of the cover back

Continue making the cover as per the directions. 

Finished cover

When I made the cover for my youngest grandson. I sewed the opening across the widest side, as his is a leap pad and I thought it would be easier for him to get it in and out. 

three covers ready to go.

All three covers fit their tablets perfectly. The zipper front pocket holds the chargers. I am making one more for another granddaughter. 

I love making things for my grandchildren. Do you have someone special to sew for?


  1. Cindy, these are great. The addition of the handles was a great idea. And how cool the grandkids got to pick their own fabrics. What a great memory for them.

  2. What a wonderful gift for your grandkids. I'm sure they will love them. The handles are a great addition.

  3. These are so great! I bet your grandchildren LOVE them Cindy! I really like how you set about personalizing them and adding custom details like the handles and how they open.

  4. These are fantastic Cindy! Great thinking to add a handle. Brady just got a hard case for his iPad mini, but I love making him stuff, and he loves me making stuff for him, so I will definitely do this. He has a Leap Pad which he doesn't use anymore (grew out of it) and it was an awesome present (from moi) for him. I like the zipper pocket for the chargers. Um, yep, been there done that (today) going back to the LQS for stuff for me since I bought for others today ;-)


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