Friday 4 February 2022

Project Quilting 13.3 Kitchen Influence

 Project Quilting is hosted by Kim Lapacek of Persimon Dreams. In this week's challenge, we were to use food and cooking as our inspiration. We could use food-printed novelty fabric, a functional kitchen item you get the idea.
My project uses a novelty print and a functional kitchen item. I decided to make a set of finger mitts. I googled and went done the Pinterest rabbit hole. In the end, I drew my own template. 

layering main fabric, lining, and Insul fleece

I didn't have any Insul-bright and we were in the midst of a winter storm event, but I did have a piece of Insul fleece. I used two layers of the Insul fleece I think I would have been better off using two layers of cotton batting. But live and learn, in this case, make and learn. 

all layered and stay stitched on the edges

As you can see both my main fabric and lining are a food novelty print from Anna Griffin from 2013. I'm not sure why I had these two 1/3 yd pieces, but at least I finally found a use for a bit of them.

all done and functional

The next set I make, I am going to make them a little wider, and space the fingers and thumb part a little wider also. 

Now back to finishing up the shoveling!


  1. Looks great! I like that you made something functional for the kitchen and were able to use novelty prints. :)

  2. Functional is good, Cindy. I could have used these last night! I burned my finger while making dinner. :o((


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