Monday 21 June 2021

Fairy Tale Blog Hop

Joan of MooseStash Quilting was in charge of this hop. The theme of this hop is fairy tales. My Fairy Tale started out innocently enough.

You all know the tale of 3 pigs, a big bad wolf, and the three houses, brick, wood, and straw. I made the brick house first as it was the strongest.
strong brick house with the little pig looking out the window for the big bad wolf

I was going to make book pages with the houses, pigs, and wolf. I printed out a part of the tale on an EQ printable sheet, cut it apart, and added part to the first page I made.

open book page

This is where my tale took a turn, I wasn't getting the fairy tale feel. So let's start again. 

As all good fairy tales begin: Once upon a time there were some scraps looking on sadly as they were not being used. While the creator of the pig tale was trying to come up with an idea that worked better. As she was looking at us, she suddenly had a gleam in her eye, and not skipping a stitch she brought us out to play. We squealed with delight as we joined the three little pigs, in a quilt sure to be loved by a child. 

I keep small HSTs made from cutoff triangles in a container, they made quick work in making some 4 1/2'' churn dash blocks.

auditioning spacer strips

In order for my pieced border of churn dash blocks to fit. I first needed to add spacer strips to do this I measured the centre, top to bottom of the piece. Time for some simple math. In my case the piece was 16 1/4'' long, add a seam allowance of 1/2''. So, I cut my pieces 1 3/4'' by 16 1/4''. Do the same to determine the strips that go on the top and bottom in my case 15 1/2'' x 2 1/4''. Sew the left and right spacer strips and then the top and bottom. Now I was ready to add my borders, which fit perfectly. 

the borders looked wavy, I just tossed and snapped the photo, this caused the quilt to look wavy

my new quilter holder upper is my grandson, he can be quite the character. As you can see the borders are not wavy.

I quilted straight lines in the green borders, in the print border I quilted pig and wolf outlines with loops. 

And that my gentle readers is the story of how the three little pigs and the scraps lived happily ever after together. 

The END!

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  1. I love how this turned out! Love the green borders. Perfect coloring!

  2. The happiest Fairy Tale of All, and anyone of any age will love the story and the grand finish. The green is perfect, the centre panel a delight, LOVE it so much.XXXXX

  3. Your Three Little Pigs adventure indeed had a happy ending! The quilt is charming.

  4. Well aren't you the creativce one. What a great idea to make the whole process into a fairy tale. The quilt is darling.

  5. I just got a new idea. Thank you. Your quilt is wonderful.

  6. I love the progression from book page to quilt!

  7. What a amazing quilt. I love that you re-invented your idea. It turned out wonderful.

  8. Fantastic! I always am impressed when others use scraps and your small churn dash blocks are so cute. Love your quilt and the green you used. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh Cindy Cindy Cindy, you totally embraced the theme and made a fabulous quilt in the process. I love how your mind works. All your scrappy pieces are happy and playing so well together. What a fun fun quilt! Thanks for playing with all of us in Fairy Tale land.

  10. Everything about this is delightful! Your happy scraps squealing and the cute quilt holder being adorable made for such a fun read this morning. The quilt is beautiful and I love your center block. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love a Happy Ending and this one was just wonderful. Your fairy tale was full of all of the components for success.

  12. Wonderful use of the starting idea, scraps and cheerful fabric! Thanks for sharing not just the finished quilt but the steps and the thought process.

  13. Adorable quilt! I love seeing how your mind work in creating this! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. So cute! I really love what you did with your Fairy Tale and the colors are dreamy. Scrappy quilts are always a win for me!

  15. Adorable quilt! Any child will love this!

  16. Wonderful job creating your fairy tale quilt!

  17. Love the tale of the 3 pigs and scraps!
    And a great quilt in the end!

  18. Three little pigs is a wonderful fairy tale. I love your interpretation. The color palette is so pretty.

  19. It turned out great. Love the lime green.

  20. Sweet! You had a clever idea that made a neat quilt!

  21. I'm a day late, so popping in to say tell you that Churn Dash blocks are one of my favorite quilt blocks and they look great in those pastel colors. Your quilt turned out great!

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    A very important date.
    No time to say hello, good-bye,
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    I lose the time I save.
    My fuzzy ears and whiskers
    Took me too much time to shave.
    I run and then I hop, hop, hop,
    I wish that I could fly.
    There's danger if I dare to
    Stop and here's a reason why:
    I'm over-due, I'm in a rabbit stew.
    Can't even say good-bye,
    Hello, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late.

  22. Cindy I absolutely love your sweet quilt. Who wouldn’t when there are churn dashes in the top. Fun and Thankyou for sharing!

  23. I love your sweet quilt, Cindy! Great job. Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Hi Cindy, what a great idea for your book page to be made into a quilt. It's really adorable and so much fun when the scraps get to play too! Take care.

  25. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

    Thanks for sharing your story! :o)

  26. The perfect tale to your fairy tale quilt. Every quilt does seem to have its own story. This turned out to be so cheerful looking. You chose the perfect scraps to piece those church dash blocks. Thanks for sharing! -Andre

  27. Oh, so cute! I think you made a great decision to take on the scraps instead!


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