Sunday 26 January 2020

Team Colours 11.2

It's week two in Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams 11.2 Team Colours. I didn't do the first challenge which was numbers, none of ideas I had were working. However when I saw the second one I knew I would be doing something with my favourite teams colours. I am a Toronto Blue Jays fan and have been from day one, April 7, 1977.

Bring on the blues and white, their uniforms are white, and blue ( from powder blue to a dark blue ).

assorted colour strips in various widths stitched in a fan shape 

After sewing the strips together I trimmed the wide end using a dinner plate, worked great. Okay I have a fan, not so sure about this bright idea after all.

trimmed but now what
It definitely wasn't done yet, it needed something but what? As the Blue Jays logo is copyrighted I couldn't use that. Then it hit me the Blue Jays are Canada's only MLB baseball team. Let's make it reflect that. Their fan base is also Canadian.

I cut out a Canadian maple leaf using leftover fabric from Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. My grandson thought I needed a baseball, so I added one of those. I appliqued both the leaf and the ball. Some simple loops for quilting. The binding is a single fold binding.

ball diamond or fan base or maybe both
Opening day is 3/26 I can't wait to see how our young guys and new players do this season. Go Jays Go!!

Are you a sports fan?


  1. I'm a baseball fan, but that's about it. I didn't even give a thought to this challenge, but I've enjoyed seeing what everyone else is making! Cute project!

  2. Well done. Great idea. I'm not a "fan" in the sense that I watch the games, but I'm a fan because they're Canadian. ☺

  3. Your team would be very proud of you :-) I love all the details that make it so special.


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