Sunday 20 January 2019

First Finish of 2019

 It feels good to have a finish this soon in the new year. I wanted something new for my table, you can read more about that here. I like the soft colours I used in this piece. That new star block ain't too bad either. It is paper pieced using one of my favourite methods freezer paper.

first finish of 2019

As you can tell the picture was taken on a cloudy overcast day. I apologize but ladies it's way to cold to go play outside today, it's -15 Celsius feeling like -25 with the windchill in Fahrenheit that's 5 feeling like -13. Anyway you say it, it is darn cold out.

fmq is some simple  lines and stippling

I used Aurifil my favourite thread for the quilting.  I also use Aurifil for piecing. Colour #2310 a light beige is what I used for this piece. The background fabric is a creamy beige colour. I used the same 2310 in all the pieces as it blended so nicely. The quilting is some swirls with feathers, stipples and ruler work for straight lines at 1/2 spacing.

I wasn't sure the back would show the quilting as well as it does

The topper finishes after washing at 28 1/2'' by 28 1/2'' a nice size for my table. I will be writing a pattern for this one, right now it's a scribbled mess of numbers and instructions. Some deciphering may have to take place first. I was in full speed ahead mode to get this one done.

I am having trouble getting the banner for (affiliate link) to show up. If you purchase something through my link I get a few pennies and it costs you nothing more.

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  1. It looks great. I've tried the freezer paper method. Awesome!!! Good luck with pattern writing.

  2. What a beautiful table topper; the quilting makes it extra special. That is indeed way too cold to go outside!

  3. This will look beautiful on your table. I absolutely LOVE the quilting detail you gave to this little piece.

  4. I like those soft colors too, so pretty! And I really love all the fabulous quilting. It's the perfect accent for all that great piecing! I've never used freezer paper for paper piecing but have read about it. One day maybe I'll give it a try. :)

  5. I like the twist on the star design in this quilt, Cindy, and those muted colors are so nice for a table topper. It's great to get those outdoor photos, but when we get those deep negative temps, it's just not worth it. An indoor shot will do!

  6. It is cold and it is rainy. It is depressing and I cannot wait for spring. But hen I see your blogpost - the stars in delicate pinks are just the pick-me-up I needed. Congratulation son another lovely finish!!!

  7. Very pretty - I love it in the soft colors.

  8. This is a beautiful soft look, and you quilting, as always, kicks the design into high gear. I'm sure it is a great addition to your decor.

  9. Seems to be several glitches in the blogging world these days. Hope you get your banner fixed asap, though the pennies we make are fewer than ever I see. I haven't made one cent in three months and that 3-month-ago purchase was my own LOL!!! Love seeing this little pretty all quilted! LOVE the back! What batting did you use? Finally after today we are warming up...Sunday it's supposed to hit 10C! Almost like a chinook is coming in. Thanks for linking up this darling little DrEAMi!


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