Wednesday 14 March 2018

Fabric Postcard Swap

Have you ever made a fabric postcard? They are a fun addictive little quilt, that you can mail. I just made my first one. I am participating in a postcard swap hosted by Elm Street Quilts. The instructions were simple a 4'' by 6'' postcard to be mailed by March 17, mine was mailed more than a week ago and the recipient should have received it already. She did and she loved it!

assorted fabrics
For this exchange, we were supposed to choose one word for the maker to use as inspiration or a prompt. The word I had was 'House'. I did a little sleuthing around to see what the recipient liked, she has an IG account no blog. On her IG feed I quickly saw why she chose the word house as she has several pieces with various houses. 

I pulled some fabrics and started cutting shapes, going a little improv and adding various shapes and sizes. I used Lara's Crafted Applique method for the applique.

 I didn't cut with precision in mind as you can quickly tell from the door. I was totally into artistic license with this little piece, free form all the way. A little snip here a little snip there and the top was ready to stitch. 
thread pull
A simple straight stitch around the edges of the applique pieces to keep applique shapes,  the top and one layer of batting together. I did match thread to the fabric, it left for lots of thread changes but I wanted that matchy effect for this little piece. To put the piece together I used the top with the one layer of batting, a layer of timtex fused to the batting layer and the backing.
thread stitching for the grass

 A little free motion work for the grass and in the sky. Satin stitched the edges for a finished postcard. I did write a note on the back and her address and as such no photo of the back.


  1. Lovely . I made one fabric postcard a few years ago and I remember the recipient was pleased

  2. So cute. You really made a pretty postcard. The swap was so much fun. I actually had never heard of fabric postcards before this event.

  3. I have not made a postcard myself, but I think my nieces would love them, so it may be in my future. I’m so glad the recipient was thrilled, I think your house turned out great!

  4. I love your postcard Cindy! That improv door and swoopy roof make for such whimsy! They really are fun and I know I want to make another! Thanks for telling us how you constructed it.

  5. I've never made a fabric post card before, but this is really fun! The satin stitched edge is a great idea!

  6. It's a lovely and charming postcard!!

  7. I really like this scenic postcard! The spontaneity makes it so much more real and pleasing than it would have been cut all straight everwhere. Love the grasses quilted in!

  8. That's a great postcard. You really put thought and effort into making it.

  9. I find it hard sometimes to come up with new ideas. Those moments I sit in my sewing room and just stare. Stare at the fabric. Stare at the sewing machine. Stare at the ironing board. I just loved your innovative postcard. Vintage Car Insurance

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