Sunday 4 December 2016

New Stash Additions

Want to see what made it's way to my house? I'm sure I heard a yes please. Okay here goes.
First up I won a designer scrap bag from Flaun Cline of I Plead Quilty! for my entry into Persimon Dreams Scrap Quilt Challenge. I entered 'Pinky', you can read more about it here.


These are the winnings. Some strips, and some bigger chunks and those adorable fish that is an 18" piece.


bigger pieces including a couple batiks

No real plans for them at this time but one never knows what idea will pop up. I have been thinking about making a string quilt at some point and some of them will perhaps work their way into that.

 I may have done some Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping.

design wall
This design wall was on sale at Connecting Threads( not an affiliate), for hold onto your seats $1.00. An extra design wall may come in mighty handy, how could I go wrong especially at that price.

local shopping

We also need to support our local quilt shops and I did that with this lovely bunch of fabrics from 'The Quilting Corner' in Simcoe, Ontario. I love the green, of course I love green anyway. They are as follows: green-Maywood Studio, beige-Dowager Countess from Andover Fabrics, blue-Mary's Blenders by Mary Koval, gold-Northcott, beige print- Bees'n Blooms from Moda, red-Northcott, red leaves by Kona BayFabrics

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  1. I love what you picked up at the LQS. So versatile.

  2. Congrats on the win! I especially like the little fishies fabric.

  3. Congratulations on winning (that is always so fun), a $1 design wall is an amazing deal, and it is awesome that you supported your local store. :)

  4. How fun that you won Cindy! And I'm happy to see some green in your latest purchase too, LOL.

  5. A wall for €1! Great fabric haul from the lqs but I love the prize fabric . A string quilt or even a simple strip quilt would be great

  6. Those fish on the blue background are adorable. I may have ordered two design walls...and some other things....

  7. What a lovely score on the designer scrap bag, love the fish(!) and cough $1 for the design wall? I got a deal on mine a few years ago at JoAnn's but not THAT good... I agree on the support our local shops and you did good!


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