Thursday 10 November 2016

Quilt Tops

When your mind is a jumble what do you turn to? Me it's simple I sew and sew I have done. I made three quilt tops for my guilds charity Ronald MacDonald House.

First up is the strip top. This one was started after my regular guild meeting, some of the members stayed and worked on the charity quilts. It is always fun, some people sew, some cut others press and of course there may be some laughter thrown in along the way.
I opened a bag of strips and just started sewing them together. They were all different sizes and some were not straight.

varying size strips
 I then cut them into 10 x 10 squares to straighten them up. I had 5 blocks done and more strips to go when I came home. I put them up on the design wall to decide on a layout, wish I would have taken pictures but never thought about it. I had enough strips to make three 10 inch rows with a couple 2 1/2'' strips to sew in between then. I then decided to frame the center and am glad I did as I think it brings it all together. I used a 1 1/2'' dark grey strip and then a 2 1/2'' strip followed by another 1 1/2'' strip.

42 1/2'' x 40 1/2''
For the next two I raided my stash. I had put some fabric aside that I knew I wasn't going to use for myself when I straightened things up the last time. It is a must, the cleaning up part, as once in awhile there may be a mess of stuff laying all over. I pulled a print and then found a solid that worked.
I had a little over a yard of each. I wanted something simple and easy so I made 6 1/2'' HST's. I had 50 HST's when I was done and just started playing around with layouts in EQ7. These are the ones I settled on. The first one uses 30 HST's.

39'' x 32 1/2''

That left 20 HST's and the second layout. I had a few strips left over, but the not enough of the print to make a complete border. An addition of the leftover solid and the border came together.

32'' x 30 1/2''
The last top I worked on is one I'm writing a pattern for. This one needs a name. Any ideas for one?


The next step for nameless is the testing stage.


  1. Great quilts. Love the strip quilt and the grey really does bring it all together. Your nameless quilt looks like a wonderful design. Sorry I'm not good at naming quilts so am not alotof help there.

  2. I am thankful for sewing when my mind is jumbled as well. Hugs to you. I really like how the angles in your pattern make the piecing look round. So for names... I guess I keep coming back to "Round About".

  3. You sure get a lot done when your mind is a jumble. I love your quilt tops. When I saw the bottom quilt I thought of Jelly Bellies....not sure Jelly Beans? Happy quilting.

  4. I absolutely love that first quilt you will be donating. It looks so modern. Nameless really reminds me of looking into a kaleidoscope. What ever you decide to name it, it's a beautiful quilt. It's always good when we can channel our excess energy into to something productive, you my friend, are rocking it.

  5. The strip quilt is lovely Cyndy as well as the Nameless Quilt. I love them both.

  6. You have been so productive!!! Love the first strippy quilt. So chic and so simple. Writing a pattern is hard work. I would call it - Eyes on the Prize/Eyes for You, since it seems like eyes peering at me from the quilt.

  7. You have been busy. All great quilts. We need to choose a charity for our guild quilts for 2017. I never thought about Ronald MacDonald House. Thanks for the tip.

  8. I really like how you framed the second of the two HST quilts! Very cool touch. I just LOVE that string-pieced one and you rocked it with the borders. Must remember that for my next charity quilt. As for names, I know I'm late to the naming party, but when I saw your round robin centre, (which this quilt is isn't it?!) I immediately thought of a God's Eye (used to make them at camp as a teen with wool winding around two crossed pieces of wire). I looked it up to see if my memory served me right and did we really call this a God's Eye, and whoa:'s_eye
    I am pretty stunned to read about the spiritual component (knew there was something) but in light of your grandson and what he is going through, it is pretty profound. Also the circles you've created with the angles, circle of life, circles are so powerful and symbolic. Incredible work Cindy.

  9. I loved your strip quilt pattern. The strip quilting technique is quite simple and interesting to create and it achieves a beautiful design for your quilting project.


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