Wednesday 10 June 2015

Roses in my Garden

I was asked why I had a rose in my header. It is quite simply because I love roses. My favorites are hybrid teas. Although I have a few floribundas and some minis.

The red rose in the picture is a mini, well it started out that way but is almost as big as the floribunda beside it. Just a few photos of the different roses I have.

 A couple different coloured roses. I added a white tea this year but so far no blooms, hopefully soon though.

Do you have a favourite flower? 


  1. I think I just love flowers in general!! I do have a beautiful rose in my garden that my late Grannie brought for me when my eldest daughter was born, that was 13 years ago now!! And despite hubby telling me each year that I've cut it down too short it continues to flourish!

  2. I love California poppies and am so glad to finally have a few growing and blooming in my front yard. :)

  3. Your roses are gorgeous! I like them, too, but my favorites are hydrangeas.

  4. My roses don't look as lovely as yours! I had yellow tulips for my wedding bouquet and now finally live in a climate where I can grow them! I also really love sunflowers.

  5. Roses are the sweetest of flowers and make me think of LOVE. Maybe that is why I chose Rose as my daughter's middle name. Your roses are gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful roses! Thanks for sharing the link!


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